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Archive February 2016

Fiber Cement Siding Over Rainscreen

Fiber 20cement 20siding 20over 20rainscreen

Rainscreen or wall cavity siding systems are growing in popularity in areas that see a lot of moisture and wet…

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Building a Shed with Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber 20cement 20siding 20for 20shed

When it comes to curb appeal, it’s important not to overlook the other buildings in your yard, including your shed…

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Why Internet Leads Are So Important for Homebuilders

Internet 20leads 20for 20home 20builders

“Internet leads are garbage.”

“They never respond.”

“They aren’t qualified.”

Sound familiar? We talk to and work with homebuilders around…

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Educating New Home Buyers on Your Quality of Construction

Home 20builder 20education

As a builder, you have one of the toughest jobs in the industry. You may built to suit, build on…

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Is Fiber Cement Siding Hail Resistant?

Is 20fiber 20cement 20siding 20hail 20resistant

Hail storms can be a major problem for many homeowners. Even a small amount of hail can do significant damage…

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Why Home Builders Should Maintain a Strong Presence with Realtors

Real 20estate 20agents 20and 20home 20builders

As a builder, you need to wear a lot of hats to handle all of your responsibilities. In addition to…

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Fiber Cement for High Rise Buildings

Fiber 20cement 20siding 20for 20high 20rise 20buildings1

A lot of people are beginning to use fiber cement siding on their homes because of its durability, lack of…

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Fiber Cement Siding vs Termites

Fiber cement siding vs termites 2016

Termites can really wreak havoc on your home, your siding, your roof, and your foundation. These wood loving insects munch…

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Board Batten Fiber Cement Siding

Board batten fiber cement siding 2016

While horizontal lap siding is one of the most frequently used styles of siding on homes today, many homeowners wanting…

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