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Archive June 2016

Creating the Perfect at Home Office for your Home Builder Business

Home 20builder 20office 20design

By Mary Sauer of Home Improvement Leads

Building a home builder business from scratch is time consuming and work often…

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10 Remarkable Smart Home Technology Ideas

Smart 20home 20technology 20ideas 201

The idea of a smart home isn’t exactly new. In fact, people have been predicting many of today’s smart home…

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17 Fiber Cement Siding Color Ideas

Fiber 20cement 20siding 20color 20ideas 207

Your home’s exterior plays a major role in its curb appeal. And part of that curb appeal comes from the…

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Hiring a Professional Versus Do-it-Yourself Siding Installation

Hiring 20a 20professional 20siding 20contractor

By Mary Sauer

For homeowners with backgrounds in construction or carpentry, using the skills learned in their profession to make…

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5 Beautiful Half Round Siding Examples

Half 20round 20siding 20example 201 1

There are many different types of architecture that need something decorative on the exterior in addition to the more traditional…

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5 Wood Siding Alternatives

Wood 20siding 20alternatives 1

Wood siding has been the gold standard of sidings over the years. All other lap siding products try to duplicate…

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Faux Cedar Shingles: A Breakdown of the Best Alternatives for a Cedar Shake Look

Faux 20cedar 20shingles

Cedar shingles have an attractive and distinctive appearance that complements many different types of architecture. From cottages to bungalows, you…

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