Increasing Home Value with Fiber Cement Siding

According to many Realtors, homeowners report a great deal of joy and satisfaction after re-siding their home. Whether you intend to sell right away, or live in your home for many more years, giving it a fresh new exterior with new siding can have a lot of benefits, including an increase in home value. 

What Is The Best Siding to Increase Home Value?

When the time comes to choose a siding for your home, there are many options to consider. From style and color to the material itself, there are not only a lot of decisions to be made, but also a lot of factors to consider, such as durability, maintenance, longevity of the material, and how well it matches your home’s architectural style.

Of those materials, fiber cement siding gets a higher return on investment than most other forms of siding. With fiber cement siding, you can enjoy your home now and at time of resale with ease.

A Higher ROI


According to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs Value report, the national average return on investment for any siding material is around 76%. This is a fairly high value, making a new siding job one of the more recommended methods for gaining value in a home that needs improvement. 

This figure pays attention to all siding jobs, however, regardless of size, style, or material. So, to truly know what type of return you’ll be looking at, you need to know more. According to Census data, fiber cement siding is one of the fastest growing materials in the home improvement field, trending upward significantly year by year. The key to this, is that these figures are looking primarily at homes that have recently sold. In other words, more houses are selling now with fiber cement fiber than ever before, and this trend has been growing for several years in a row. 

All of this adds up to fiber cement coming in at an ROI of around 84% - significantly higher than the national average for combined siding types. 

Durable and Stylish

The reason for these figures continuing to trend upward for fiber cement siding is in how well it performs. Each panel, shingle, or plank is incredibly dense and durable. The siding is unlikely to dent or crack on impact, and is resistant to both insect activity and flames. 

The color on fiber cement won’t peel, chip, or fade, and outlasts paint by several years, which means that there is no need for regular maintenance. This, combined with the many styles available in fiber cement, means that you can have an attractive home exterior that requires very little in the way of work. 

More homeowners are beginning to invest in materials that are durable, long lasting, and better for the environment. Fiber cement siding outlasts wood and vinyl siding is low maintenance, and can be environmentally responsible as well. Unlike vinyl, which is made of polyvinyl chloride - a type of plastic - fiber cement does not give off harmful levels of VOCs during its manufacturer, and can be easily disposed of.

A home buyer looking at new properties will need to consider not only the way that the home appears now but how much work it’s going to need over time. Since fiber cement is so durable and low maintenance, a home buyer is likely to find this a better value than wood siding that will require frequent scraping and repainting, or vinyl siding, which has a tendency to melt, crack, and require more frequent repairs. 

This means that whether you plan on selling your home in the next few years, or you want to enjoy your trouble-free siding for years before selling, your fiber cement will hold its value, resulting in a higher ROI. 

Invest in Your Home’s Future

Re-siding a home is not a quick or easy decision to make. But, re-siding can also transform the way that a home looks and how well it functions in the coming years. Siding also helps a home make the right first impression known as “curb appeal,” which can sometimes make or break a sale. 

By investing in fiber cement siding for your home, you’re also investing in its future. Fiber cement is so durable and low maintenance, it may be the last siding that your home needs - something that’s very attractive not only to current homeowners, but to prospective home buyers as well. 

Fiber cement siding will help get you the biggest return on investment for this crucial home upgrade, and will increase your enjoyment in the space in the meantime. Invest in fiber cement siding when it’s time to re-side your home to get the best there is to offer and the highest ROI at the same time.