16 Exterior House Colors That Sell

Everyone knows that curb appeal plays a significant role in home value. But did you know that siding colors can impact a home’s selling price? Realtors are witnessing these trends time and time again, and the message is pretty straightforward — there are exterior house colors that sell and those that don’t.

Whether investing in your dream home, planning to move into a house down the line, or dabbling in real estate, it’s essential to be familiar with the best siding to increase home value. After all, home value, selling price, and profits are interconnected, and there’s no need to lose out on a home’s full selling potential.

The 16 Major Color Trends

As you’ll see in this list of exterior house colors that sell with big margins on the housing market, there are some specific color trends to take note of. In general, neutral tones consistently perform well and provide a safe, timeless choice. Also, some new and unexpected color choices, including dark hues and bright contemporary tones, have begun staking their claim in the housing market as well.

However, what remains important is that exterior house colors that sell are always paired with smart complementary colors for trim. Paired with a contrasting color or a similar palette, the right trim can help embolden siding colors and make them shine even more.

Interested in choosing the best siding to increase home value, but not exactly sure where to start? Check out this list of 16 popular color choices that can make your listing stand out and bring in extra money in a saturated housing market.

1. Off-White

Farmhouse exterior 1

Off-white, eggshell, ivory — no matter what you call it, this slightly muted shade of off-white is a consistent hit on the housing market, thanks to its ‘blank slate’ look that allows homeowners to dress it up however they like.

2. Minimal Grey

Minimal grey

Stylishly unfussy, minimal grey gives a steady color tone to build on and makes other exterior choices, like roofing, window panes and trim, easy to coordinate with.

3. Turquoise & White

3 Turquoise White

One of the most refreshing colors that has captivated buyers lately is turquoise. When paired with white, this color projects youthfulness, joy, and relaxation — sentiments that buyers find incredibly appealing.

4. Cream

4 Cream

Like other neutral house colors that sell well, cream provides a fresh and clean appearance that feels very adaptable to potential buyers. White and brown are popular trim colors to pair with cream siding.

5. Burgundy Red

5 Burgundy Red

Bold and rich, burgundy red makes a powerful statement that communicates strength, durability, and longevity — values that buyers are willing to invest in when scouring the housing market for a reliable property.

6. Blue-Grey

6 Blue Grey

Similar to burgundy red, blue-grey is a strong, rich siding color that attracts buyers looking for stability and strength. White trim can help lighten this heavy color and add a crispness to its curb appeal.

7. Wood Look

7 Wood Look

Wood-style siding seems to always have a place in the housing market, from cabins to mid-century modern styles,to upscale mixed-material designs. When done right, a wood-look exterior can be the best siding to increase home value.

8. Dark Neutrals with White Trim

8 Dark Neutrals with White Trim

Dark neutrals, like charcoal, are very attractive when complemented by white trim, which provides clear definition while highlighting unique architectural features.

9. Forest Green

9 Forest Green

One of the newer colors on the list is forest green. When partnered with crisp white trim, this unique shade has the advantage of provoking an earthy aesthetic while still remaining polished and presentable.

10. Brown & Stone

10 Brown Stone

Combined with stone, brown is a fantastic color that resonates with buyers that are looking for natural, rustic charm.

11. Light Green

11 Light Green

Light green also resonates with those looking for a natural aesthetic. It tends to work really well with neutral trim, like dark brown or gray.

12. Light Blue

12 Light Blue

A traditional color choice that is experiencing renewed interest, light blue captures an easy, laid-back look that does really well in the suburbs.

13. Beige

13 Beige

Beige may have been considered a boring color choice in the past, but it is definitely one of the exterior house colors that sell well nowadays. Like off-white and cream, beige gives the impression of a ‘blank slate’ that homebuyers can easily work with to transform into their own unique home style.

14. Black

14 Black

Only the most daring homeowners could hope to sell a house with black siding in previous generations. Today, black is a much more welcomed exterior color that communicates an industrial-chic aesthetic. Black siding works best when integrated into a mixed-material approach with other warm colors and textures.

15. Farmhouse White

15 Farmhouse White

Reminiscent of colonial homesteads on the East coast, homes with farmhouse white siding and black finish are a hot seller in today’s housing market.

16. Burnt Red

16 Burnt Red

Burnt red has a richer warmth to it than standard red, and when paired with solid black or white trim, it captures a beautiful boldness that buyers love.

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