Project Spotlight - The Green-Grossfield, an Exterior Puzzle

When Jordana Green and her husband Marc Grossfield purchased a new home on a busy road near a lake, they knew they wanted to make it into something special. A tall order considering the neighborhood; no two houses were alike, yet all had character that raised the bar for their home’s exterior. At the same time, the couple wanted to make sure their home’s exterior was not only modern in appearance, but also durable, sustainable, and energy efficient. As seen in this episode of Midwest Home, the couple’s needs were unique enough to create a puzzle that needed to be solved.

Ultimately, they chose to use Allura’s fiber cement architectural panels and trim on their home after learning that the product had been used successfully in harsh northern climates before. Allura’s architectural panels are exceptionally durable, as well as low maintenance, and with the contemporary look and style the couple wanted for their home.

Eco-Conscious Material

Fiber cement is a more environmentally friendly product than many other materials that are on the market today. The architectural panels don’t require frequent painting – an occurrence which means not only maintenance but also high levels of VOCs in the atmosphere. Allura’s material is also an NGBS (National Green Building Standard) product, and is the only fiber cement material on the market today that can guarantee contribution to LEED credits on every project it’s used on. This fit the couple’s need for a sustainable material for their home’s exterior far better than traditional materials such as stucco or wood.


Next on their list of requirements for their home’s exterior was a low-maintenance, durable material. Their new home is located on a busy road that sees a lot of traffic; they want their curb appeal to last as long as possible without constant upkeep.

Allura outlasts not only natural wood siding, but also vinyl, aluminum, and stucco sidings as well. More importantly, it was more durable than the stucco that they had originally considered, liking the look of the product, but not its maintenance. Allura’s architectural panels had the look they were after, but have undergone independent testing for flexural strength, moisture resistance, frost resistance, transversal loading, and water absorption, all with exceptional results. This durability was important to them, as they wanted to ensure that this update to their home was going to last.


Looks and style were also important to the Green-Grossfield project. They knew they wanted a modern look, and after viewing multiple apartment complexes in the area that had similar appearances, they were pleased to find that the EasyTrim Reveals that holds Allura’s architectural panels into place would help give them the look they wanted. Combined with the panels, the trim helped give the exterior some dimension that would otherwise be lacking in a typical, stucco-style exterior. In addition, the trim helped bridge the gap between the white panels and the black metal wall panels they were installing as an accent. The end result is contemporary and industrial, but not stark or boring; exactly the look that the couple was hoping to have for their home. Now, the home fits in well with their established neighborhood, yet still has a look all its own.

Completion of a Dream

Mixed with energy efficient windows and garage doors, Allura fiber cement helped to create the sustainable, energy efficient, stylish, and modern home exterior that the couple wanted when the purchased their home. Allura fiber cement architectural panels have the ability to meet nearly home’s needs for style, durability, and sustainability. They completed the Green-Grossfield project with ease, and can do the same for other homes and commercial buildings alike.