Allura Project Spotlight: Vireo at Park Place

Located in Irvine California, and built by the Sares-Regis Group is the master planned Vireo at Park Place. This 105-acre site includes offices, restaurants, and retail space meant to create a destination for the entire community. Included in the plan is The Royce at Park Place – 520 premium luxury apartments that include amenities like a state of the art fitness center and rock climbing wall, dog run and pet spa, golf simulator, fireside lounge, and luxury building features such as wood plank flooring. The apartments are all within walking distance to the shops and restaurants included in the Vireo plan, as well as the nearby wetlands, creating a unique opportunity for renters and shops alike.

Among the luxury and unique features that make this site a premier building opportunity to watch, includes the materials used on the interiors and exteriors. This includes Allura fiber cement siding and architectural panels on the exterior of each of the buildings included in the Vireo plan.

Mixed Use Campus

Vireo at Park Place is billed as a mixed-use campus, or a site that features numerous businesses, commercial endeavors, and residences all within the same area. This includes features aimed specifically at those living within the residential section, such as restaurants and retail sites. Mixed-use campuses such as this one are getting more attention as people wish to work, shop, eat, and live within a convenient area, saving on commuting times while increasing enjoyment in leisure activities.

Allura’s fiber cement is the perfect exterior material for this type of project. The material is both durable and low maintenance, which in a project of this size is invaluable, as it means less upkeep and fewer associated costs over the years of its use. This means that residents and business owners in Vireo can look forward to many years of stylish good looks for the buildings’ exteriors.

Allura’s products are also available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, befitting a mixed-use development like Vireo. So, each of the buildings can be given its own, unique appearance and style, highlighting its use and separating it from the surrounding buildings. At the same time, however, the use of the same material throughout the project still provides a unifying element that helps ensure that the different buildings and spaces have the cohesive look they need to function together in one space.

Contemporary Eye-Catching Design

Contemporary, mixed-use campuses like Vireo are becoming more common as people begin changing the way they live and work. One thing remains true, however; most people still want quality design and appearances for their homes and surroundings.

With the use of Allura, Vireo at Park Place can have the contemporary, stylish appearance that will attract viewers, guests, and residents alike. Allura has the ability to help highlight architectural features on the building, such as balconies and picture windows, as well as changes in use. With the added ability to create custom looks, Allura gives the exteriors of the Vireo buildings an edge that will help set them apart from the competition.

A Property to Watch

Mixed-use campuses like Vireo at Park Place are becoming more common as people shift the way they work and live. With the scope of the project at Park Place, and the eye-catching exteriors provided by Allura, Vireo is a site to watch in the coming months with pre-leasing for the many studio, 1- and 2-bedroom residences now ongoing.

Vireo at Park place will change the way that residents live and work, while materials like Allura will help change the way the building is used and maintained over the years.