Allura Color Spotlight: Red Rock Falls - Naturally Beautiful Clay Siding Color

clay colored siding

Like all aspects of building design, certain trends come and go. When it comes to siding colors, many new home builders have begun gravitating towards natural tones for their exteriors. Brown, green, clay and earth tones have all skyrocketed in recent years. Unfortunately, many new homeowners mistakenly assume that you must live in a forested area in order to pull off these natural exterior palettes. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth.

Earth tones are quite versatile, because they work well with a variety of other colors that can be applied as window panes, shutters, porch railing, soffit, and more. Depending on the colors that these popular earth tones are partnered with and the home’s unique architectural structure, earth tones have the ability to create many different home exterior looks.

Among the red colored siding options available, there is one color that has succeeded in capturing a unique tone that can be used to create a charming new look: red rock falls.

Red Rock Falls: The Clay Colored Siding that Charms

clay color siding

If you are interested in the idea of using earth tones for your home’s exterior siding, you will be relieved to know that you don’t have to choose from standard brown and green colors anymore. Now there are many more options available.

Red rock falls is a fascinating earth tone that plays off of multiple hues. When asked to describe its color properties, many will say that it is somewhat brown, somewhat red, and somewhat orange – all at the same time! In fact, red rock falls is best described as being a clay colored siding that has the power to upgrade your home’s exterior charm.

Handsome Natural Aesthetic with Modern Flair

Some designers also refer to red rock falls as a natural red siding option, because it carries a strong impression of red tones without crossing into the bright, unnatural impression of primary colors. This ‘natural’ aspect of red rock falls is what gives it an irresistibly outdoorsy aesthetic.

However, just because this color is strongly associated with natural properties doesn’t mean that it is only appropriate for homes in the countryside. By partnering red rock falls with other key elements, like dark brown or crisp white trim, stone-style concrete, mixed media compositions, and slate colored roofing, it is easy to keep the home looking fresh, modern and stylized.

For this reason, home designers agree that the versatility of red rock falls is perhaps one of its biggest advantages.

Clay Colored Siding Design Ideas

There are many aesthetic possibilities with red rock falls. If you are not sure where to start with this clay colored siding, take a look at these three sample design ideas. While they all integrate the red rock falls color in the siding, you will notice that these three houses still manage to achieve different exterior looks. Depending on the architectural details, the accent colors of your home, and your unique style preferences, you can rely on red rock falls to capture the perfect presentation for your home.

Modern Mixed Media

Red rock falls is a great color choice when working with mixed media, because it carries a natural tone, regardless of ornate detailing. Mixed media, or the usage of many different types of styles, textures, and materials, allows homeowners to play with red colored siding in a way that is still sure of retaining natural and modern allure.

To achieve a modern mixed media exterior, apply red rock falls to siding with different textures, and mix and match these segments so that they highlight the home’s architectural details. Another helpful hint when working with mixed media is to use a traditional trim color, such as crisp white. This will create a visual frame for the mixed media elements of the exterior, allowing you to play with texture without it feeling chaotic or unintentional.

Understated Color in an Open Space

When choosing an exterior style for a home on an open piece of property, red rock falls is a fantastic choice because it brings a subtle, understated pop of color to the landscape. Unlike bold primary color choices or pastels, natural earth tones, like clay colored siding, have the ability to bring interest to the scene while still blending in seamlessly with the surroundings.

Main Street Allure

When outfitting a two-story house with Main Street potential, red rock falls can be partnered with classic exterior ornamentation, like elongated shutters and coordinated porch trim. To make the home’s exterior dazzle with another degree of classic style, integrate a stone-style feature for the ultimate Americana atmosphere. Stone-style features could be incorporated along the structure’s foundation, porch, or smokestack for additional Main Street style.

Working with red rock falls provides homeowners with a great opportunity to experiment with a clay colored siding that is both natural and modern. Be sure to consider this color choice during your next siding renovation, as the possibilities are endless!