Allura Color Spotlight: Gray Heron

gray heron siding

Who said you couldn’t reinvent the wheel? When you think about applying a neutral color to a home’s exterior, the most common ideas that come to mind include variations of gray, beige, or cream. While these colors are time-proven standards for achieving a neutral palette, their variation is somewhat restricted. Typically, these colors only vary in warmth or richness of tone, so they are inevitably limited.

But there’s an exciting alternative available on the market now. Gray heron is a unique option that breathes new life into the neutral color family. A little bit green, a little bit gray – gray heron strikes an almost indescribable balance that is simultaneously mesmerizing and calming, making it just perfect as an exterior siding option.

If you’re looking into unique exterior siding options – or if you’ve already settled on an idea – it’s definitely worth your time to consider the possibilities with gray heron. Whether it’s applied as a standalone color or as an integral piece of a more mixed-media approach to siding, gray heron has incredible potential to step up as a transformative exterior siding option.

Not Your Typical Green

Perhaps you’ve decided that you want to integrate green into your home’s exterior. Green is a wonderful choice, as it is often overlooked and underused, meaning it carries the power to make your home look more unique and special.

However, green house siding can be tricky to work with. As a primary color, green can be overwhelming, which isn’t ideal for a home’s exterior. Light green house siding can resemble a tart lime color. Lime can be great for certain coastal areas or beach towns, but it isn’t the most sought-after look for other regions. Inevitably, homeowners then lean towards selecting a darker shade of green house siding, and the exterior suddenly looks somber and closed-off.

Gray heron provides homeowners with the perfect solution to integrating green tones into their exterior design plans. Think of gray heron as a sophisticated, stylish and sleek version of green mixed with gray tones, that can be used in a variety of applications along the home’s exterior.

The New Neutral

The appearance of gray heron tends to be more of a warm green than gray. But as is the case with most neutrals, it truly depends on what color gray heron is paired side-by-side with! This incredibly elusive color quality is what makes gray heron a perfect fit for performing as a neutral tone. Rather than choosing between gray or green house siding, gray heron provides the best of both worlds, making it a ‘new neutral.’

Versatile Color Choice

This neutral color choice is an incredibly versatile color. Depending on what it is paired with, including variations in texture, accent colors, roofing colors, architectural features, and siding styles, gray heron has the ability to achieve many different looks. Because of this, it is a great idea to consider how gray heron can be applied in your project – no matter what style or ambiance you are trying to achieve with your exterior renovation.

Sample Design Ideas with Gray Heron

Excited about this new neutral green house siding option but not sure how to get started? Take a look at these three different design ideas. All of these exteriors feature gray heron. As you can see, the results are incredible and diverse, depending on how this exclusive color is applied.

Understated Balance

If you prefer subdued, soft-spoken design that still presents as polished and sophisticated, gray heron can achieve this desired effect. By installing a dark gray roof and using a modest amount of white trim along the rooftop and window panes, gray heron siding is able to achieve and understated balance of colors for a truly beautiful look.

Earth Tones

Rely on a gorgeous combination of earth tones, such as brown and dark gray, to make gray heron paneling appear more like green house siding without losing its neutral richness. You can experiment with this combination further by adding shutters with a slightly brighter green tone, too. When integrated with earth tones, gray heron appears slightly more colorful.

Cool Down

Transform the exterior with a cool down effect by outlining gray heron siding with a more generous application of crisp white trim. Garage doors, porch banisters, entryways, soffit, and window panes can all be used as areas for outlining, which lightens up the appearance of gray heron for a more tranquil, airy exterior look.

As you can see, gray heron is a powerful color choice that is capable of doing it all! Working as a neutral, gray heron gives homeowners the opportunity to use a neutral green house siding without sacrificing modern exterior aesthetics. Be sure to consider this ‘new neutral’ when renovating your home’s exterior.