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94 Top Online Tools for Home Builders

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One thing that home builders should always strive to search for is ways to make their job not necessarily easier…

20 Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding for Builders, Contractors, and Homeowners

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As more and more homeowners incorporate green building techniques in combination with style, affordability, and durability one product is rising…

Demand for Housing is Surging with Demand for Fiber Cement

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Housing Demand Expected to Surge Over Next 10 Years

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) projects between 13.9 and 15.9 million…

How to inspect the siding on your home: When to switch to fiber cement

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How to inspect the siding on your home

-When to switch to fiber cement-

Siding needs to be ready for…

How Extreme Weather Conditions Effect Home Building

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A vital consideration in the home building industry is building with durable, weather resistant lap siding. Many builders build with…

Allura partners with G Home to set an example for ecological home construction

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Allura Fiber Cement is proud to be a partner in building supplies for G Home, an affordable, high-performance, ecological home…

The 8 Elements of a Healthy Home

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There is a growing market for healthy homes, as more and more developers are working to expand their definition of…

What Builders Need To Know About Millennials

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There are significant benefits to understanding what builders need to know about Millennials. Exaggerated stereotypes often dog this youthful demographic…

The Allura and Boise Cascade Party was a Huge Success!


Thank you for joining us in spicing up the Sunbelt Builders Show!

Cheers to a fine afternoon of steak tasting…

Looking to the Future: How the Building Industry is Changing

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Sustainability, an increasingly common idea, topic, and demand is plastered on the front covers of science magazines, articled in environmental…