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Fiber Cement Siding vs. Cedar Wood Siding

Wednesday, December 16 2015
Fiber 20cement 20siding 20vs. 20cedar 20wood 20siding

Siding has a major impact on your home’s curb appeal. So much so, in fact, that most people put a…

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Fiber Cement Siding VS Vinyl Siding

Monday, December 14 2015
Fiber 20cement 20siding 20vs 20vinyl 20siding

For many years, homeowners hoping to avoid the maintenance that comes with traditional wood siding have frequently chosen vinyl siding…

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How to Paint and Stain Fiber Cement Siding

Friday, December 11 2015
How to paint stain fiber cement siding 2016

Fiber cement siding is gaining in popularity as the go-to material to use for siding homes and condominiums all over…

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Is Fiber Cement Siding Fire Resistant?

Wednesday, December 09 2015
Fiber cement fire resistant

Fiber cement siding is a very popular material that is used on the exterior of both commercial and residential properties…

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Fiber Cement Siding Options: A Complete Breakdown

Monday, December 07 2015
Fiber 20cementing 20siding

The choice to go with fiber cement siding over conventional methods such as vinyl, wood, or aluminum is a wise…

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How to Repair Fiber Cement Siding - The Complete Guide

Friday, December 04 2015
How 20to 20paint 20stain 20fiber 20cement 20siding

 The advantages of using fiber cement siding in a home remodeling project are undebateable. The material is durable, flame-resistant, insect-resistant…

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Social Media For Home Builders: Marketing That CONNECTS

Wednesday, December 02 2015
Social 20media 20for 20home 20builders

For all builders, selling homes and increasing profits is the ultimate goal. But in order to achieve that goal, various…

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94 Top Online Tools for Home Builders

Monday, November 30 2015
Online 20tools 20for 20home 20builders

One thing that home builders should always strive to search for is ways to make their job not necessarily easier…

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23 Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding for Builders, Contractors, and Homeowners

Monday, November 23 2015
Fiber 20cement 20siding 20benefits

As more and more homeowners incorporate green building techniques in combination with style, affordability, and durability one product is rising…

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Demand for Housing is Surging with Demand for Fiber Cement

Monday, August 31 2015
Thinkstockphotos 78633822

Housing Demand Expected to Surge Over Next 10 Years

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) projects between 13.9 and 15.9 million…

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