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Allura Shake Plycem Trim House

At Allura we pride ourselves on providing premium-quality fiber cement products through advanced formulation and quality control monitoring. We back our products with an industry-leading 30-year limited warranty to ensure that Allura outperforms exacting standards.

  • 30-Year Transferable Limited Product Warranty - Allura™ Plank, Allura™ Panel, Allura™ Soffit, Alura™ Shake | OPEN
  • 15-Year Transferable Limited Product Warranty - Allura™ Trim | OPEN
  • 20-Year Backerboard & Underlayment Warranty | OPEN
  • 15-Year Transferable Limited Product Warranty - Allura Spectrum Coating Warranty | OPEN
  • 25-Year Transferable Limited Product Warranty - TerraPlank™ Plank, TerraPlank™ Panel, TerraPlank™ Shake | OPEN

​For our channel partners that means stocking a product that the manufacturer will stand behind.

​For our building partners, it’s a promise that we’re equally vested in the homes they’re building for families.

​For homeowners, it’s the peace of mind and comfort of knowing that we’re protecting their investment as much as our product protects their families from the elements.

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