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7 Shake Siding Ideas to Enhance Your Home's Style

Thursday, March 29 2018
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Shake siding has a unique look that can enhance the architecture and style of your home. Best of all, shakes…

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5 To Dos When Prepping for Your Siding Installation

Thursday, March 22 2018

Residing your home can be an exciting process whether you hire someone to do the work for your, or you…

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What Is Soffit and Why Is It Important to Your Home?

Thursday, March 15 2018
Ventilated soffit 2

Have any work done on the exterior of your home, from the roof to the siding, and you’re likely to

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Fiber Cement vs Cedar Shake Siding

Thursday, March 08 2018
Fire resistant siding

The exterior of your home and the way that it looks may be one its most important attributes. Your home’s…

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Durable Siding: Selecting the Best Option for Your Home

Wednesday, February 28 2018
Durable siding option

Your home's exterior cladding certainly has a big impact on the curb appeal of your property, but the primary purpose…

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Allura Reopens New Terre Haute Facility

Thursday, February 22 2018
Allura terrahaute

Thanks to increasing demand for our fiber cement siding, our production plant in Terre Haute, Indiana is now open. 


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Video Marketing Strategies for Contractors, Home Builders, and Remodelers

Thursday, February 15 2018
Video marketing strategies for contractors 1

In an age where homeowners can find the information they’re looking for right at their fingertips, contractors and builders need…

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3 Major Problems with Brick Homes

Wednesday, February 07 2018
Problems with brick homes  header

There is little doubt that brick homes are classically beautiful, but since the '70s construction of brick homes has steadily…

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7 Social Media Post Ideas for Remodelers

Wednesday, January 31 2018
Social media post remodelers

You have a lot on your plate as a remodeler. Your life is crazy, we know. But if you aren’t…

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Rustic Siding Options and Design Ideas

Wednesday, January 17 2018

Rustic and rustic modern designs have been increasing in popularity amongst homeowners over the last several years. There’s something charming…

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