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Home Color Options: Blue House Siding with White Trim

Thursday, November 15 2018
Allura blue siding

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the exterior color scheme for your home. You need to consider your architecture…

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Fiber Cement Fascia: Accentuate a Home’s Exterior with Trim

Thursday, November 08 2018
Fiber cement fascia

Every architectural style has its accents, charm, and decorative features that help make that style great. Whether it’s Victorian gingerbread…

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Unexpected Color Trim Combinations & Design Ideas

Thursday, October 25 2018
Color trim combinations

Adventurous homeowners and designers looking to make a statement need to look outside traditional color combinations for exterior house trim…

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Allura Color Spotlight: Rock Cliffs, a New Shade of Neutral House Siding

Thursday, October 18 2018
Neutral house siding

Choosing a color for the exterior of your home is a big decision. You may want to upgrade your siding…

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A More Durable Alternative to Cedar Beadboard

Thursday, October 11 2018
Alternative cedar beadboard 2

Beadboard has been a decorative wall, fascia, and ceiling finish material in use since 1880. This specific type of paneling…

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Selecting a Moisture Resistant Outdoor Ceiling Material

Thursday, October 04 2018
Moisture resistant outdoor ceiling material 1

If you have a porch, three season sunroom, or other outdoor living area with a ceiling, it’s important to select…

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A Better Alternative to Wood Beadboard for Exterior Porch Ceilings

Thursday, September 27 2018
Outdoor beaded ceilings 2

When designing or remodeling your home’s exterior, you may fall back on traditional design elements and materials. While going with…

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Outdoor Beaded Ceilings: Considerations and Design Ideas for Your Space

Thursday, September 20 2018
Outdoor beaded ceilings 1

Nothing flatters an outdoor space more than beautiful exterior beadboard ceiling. Whether you’re working with a wraparound front porch, a…

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Beautiful Home Design Ideas Using the Combination of Gray Houses with White Trim

Thursday, September 13 2018
Gray houses with white trim 1

When it comes to the exterior of your home, there are few color palettes that have nearly universal appeal. While…

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Allura Color Spotlight: Bark Siding, a Bold Color to Achieve a Darker Look

Thursday, September 06 2018
Untitled 6

First impressions are everything when it comes to your home’s exterior. That crucial first look that people get when they…

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