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Why Every Contractor Should be Taking Before, During, and After Photos

Thursday, October 20 2016
Contractor photo tips

My family’s home exteriors company (White Castle Roofing) took over 100,000 photos last year. That probably seems like a lot…

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Light Maple Siding: Allura Cement Siding Color Review

Tuesday, October 18 2016
Thumb light maple siding 2

Natural wood tones and stains for siding are extremely popular for a variety of different home styles and settings. While…

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8 Ways to Use Fiber Cement Siding as an Interior

Thursday, October 13 2016
Using fiber cement as an interior

More and more homeowners have discovered the low-maintenance durability and beauty of fiber cement for their home’s exteriors. But what…

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How to Get A Staggered Cedar Shake Siding Look Using Fiber Cement

Tuesday, October 11 2016
Staggered cedar shake siding 2

Homeowners today have numerous options for how they side their homes. While the majority often opt for some form of…

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Autumn Red Siding: Allura Cement Siding Color Review

Monday, October 10 2016
Autumn red siding 2

An exciting color that conveys strength, power, and energy to a home, red is one of most common and popular…

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What is Lap Siding?

Thursday, October 06 2016
What is lap siding

Houses can be sided or clad in a number of different styles and materials. One of the most common and…

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What is Ventilated Soffit and Why Is It Important to Your Home?

Tuesday, October 04 2016
Ventilated soffit 2

The soffit is one of the most overlooked part of your home’s façade. Tucked up under the overhang of your…

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Savannah Wicker Siding: Allura Cement Siding Color Review

Thursday, September 22 2016
Savannah wicker siding 2

Neutral, natural tones have been one of the most popular choices for siding color around the country for many years…

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Fiber Cement Siding Trends in Canada

Thursday, September 15 2016
Fiber cement siding canada

For the last several years, fiber cement siding has seen a lot of growth worldwide, with a 4.4% global rise…

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Fiber Cement Siding for Garages

Thursday, September 08 2016
Fiber cement siding for garages

Whether your garage is attached to the rest of your home, or it’s located elsewhere on your property, you want…

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