Dutch lap siding is one of the most visually pleasing forms of siding out there, and Dutch lap fiber cement siding is the most durable material of this type to hit the market. Of course, it’s all about knowing how to make the most of this material. You want your home to look amazing with this uniquely grooved siding, right?

There are a ton of ways to style fiber cement Dutch lap siding, so let’s take a look at some of the top ways to make it happen. You’re going to love this material and how it looks in your home!

1. A Groovy VIctorian

11 Home Designs Using Dutch Lap Fiber Cement Siding07

Dutch lap siding fiber cement is durable and also makes your home’s exterior look a lot more textured. This home shows the powerful texture that Dutch lap offers when it’s paired with light pastel yellow and white trim. It’s shocking, isn’t it?

Admittedly, this is a look that has an almost-surreal look to it. We’re fans, even if most people would find it to be a bit overtly bold. This home would look perfect in a beachside community, don’t you think?

2. Adding A Cottage Touch

11 Home Designs Using Dutch Lap Fiber Cement Siding06

Cottages are excellent for Dutch lap cement fiber siding, and we’ll tell you why. Cottages are all about using different textures to help make a home look cozy. In most cases, it will involve some kind of lap siding paired with a carefully chosen shake roofing material.

Here, we see some shake, some stone siding, as well as a beautiful Dutch lap fiber cement siding addition all in one home exterior. It adds dimension and texture, making it a great pick for people who want old world charm.

3. Deep Blue Maritime

11 Home Designs Using Dutch Lap Fiber Cement Siding04

When people think of Dutch exteriors, there is a tendency towards thinking of nautical themes. So, why not cash in on that by adding a nautical color palette to your home’s exterior on your Dutch lap siding? This navy blue and white home shows how well Dutch lap can carry a ship-worthy style.

4. Up The Contrast

11 Home Designs Using Dutch Lap Fiber Cement Siding10

Dutch lap cement fiber siding is great for places that have heavy salt in the air, but don’t be fooled. This is also a go-to material for homes that have a slightly historic feel. It’s not unusual for certain Victorian homes to use this siding to add more dimension to the exterior. Here, turquoise adds a cute contrast to the brown roof.

5. Discreet But Beautiful

11 Home Designs Using Dutch Lap Fiber Cement Siding03

Dutch lap fiber cement siding tends to be used as an exterior for colorful buildings because it adds more drama and definition to the outside. However, you don’t have to go “whole hog” for this siding to work out well. This white Dutch lap home shows how it can add a subtle and quiet take on farmhouse chic to your home.

6. Cabin Glory

11 Home Designs Using Dutch Lap Fiber Cement Siding02

Most people love the idea of living in a cabin in the woods. Dutch lap siding is a great choice here, especially when it’s made out of cement fiber. Termites can’t eat it! The brown hue of this particular house’s siding helped emphasize the way it resembles a classic cabin. What a nice, modern take on a classic ambiance.

7. Warm Suburbia

11 Home Designs Using Dutch Lap Fiber Cement Siding11

Everyone loves the look of a contemporary home. Dutch lap siding can also work beautifully with warm yellows and neutral shutters. The reason why is simple: yellow is a warm color that makes a place look more inviting. Just add a little lighting (like the lanterns here), and you have a glowing little home.

If you like the idea of having a “McMansion” look to your home but don’t want it to be the typical cheaply-made look, then you might want to consider this ship lap siding. It adds a modern and more unique take on a classic home style.

8. Farmhouse Chic

11 Home Designs Using Dutch Lap Fiber Cement Siding05

Out in rural areas, home designers are taking an increased interest in farmhouse designs of yore. The easiest way to do this is with Dutch lap fiber cement siding. It’s pest-proof and also happens to look incredibly beautiful in a bold barnyard red. This home just screams “pretty schoolhouse near the farm,” doesn’t it?

9. Alpine Beauty

11 Home Designs Using Dutch Lap Fiber Cement Siding09

If you take a look at Swiss chalets, you’ll see a lot of Dutch lap siding on their exteriors. This is doubly true when you see how many of those houses tend to have white trim. You don’t have to be in Switzerland to love this look. Here, we get a good look at what a mountainside home can look like with the right siding. Isn’t it a dream come true?

If you want a more vintage look, then you can add dark brown trim instead of the white trim you see here. That gives it the “old world Euro” take that people adore.

10. Modern Mayhem

11 Home Designs Using Dutch Lap Fiber Cement Siding08

If there is one trend that has become popular, it’s using wide Dutch lap fiber cement siding on a modern home. This is especially true when the homes are made of upcycled materials or when they’re designed to have a “boxy” look with a flat roof like the one above.

This is the easiest and fastest way to make sure that your home looks amazingly crisp, with clean lines, and a professionally-designed exterior. Though darker exteriors are more popular, there’s also nothing stopping you from trying a light neutral like beige or grey.

11. Make It Pop With Color!

11 Home Designs Using Dutch Lap Fiber Cement Siding01

One of the best things about buying siding is that you can get a ton of different colors—even some that you wouldn’t expect to find. Here, we have an adorable craftsman home that has pink Dutch lap cement fiber siding that’s paired with a pastel sage green trim and door set.

This is a quick lesson that just proves a classic point: the siding that you choose can make the building. The question is, are you pleased with the way this siding looks? If so, this is one type of siding that we can tell you is worth every penny you pay for it.

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