Are you looking for a house siding style that is unique? Do you want to add texture to a home or give it a siding type that draws attention? Fishscale siding can be a good pick for the right designer. This siding gets its name from the fact that it’s derived from shingles that resemble a fish’s scales. (Duh!)

If you have been mulling over the idea of giving your home a shakeup using a fishy type of siding, then you might as well take a look at how it looks on a variety of different homes. We took the liberty of rounding up some photos to make sure that you have a better idea of what it entails. We think it took off swimmingly.

1. Pretty In Cream

11 Fishcale Siding Home Designs and Ideas

Light-colored fish scales are great for homes that need to have a splash of texture, since light will reflect the scales’ shadows more on white and off-white homes. This house has a deeply textured look that will undoubtedly turn heads when people drive by.

A good example of how to balance out the textures can be seen here too. You can add farmhouse shutters and small shake roof shingles to give your home an almost illustrated look. Here, the designers tied it all in together with the use of neutral colors.

2. A Textured Contrast

A Textured Contrast

Here, we see the same color palette being used again, with one small difference. The roof overhangs are a woody chestnut brown—and so are the shutters gracing the windows. This helps add a contrast. The creamy color of the fishscale siding is a much lighter version than the shutters. It ties all in together for a deeply monochromatic look.

3. Crafting Up Craftsman

Crafting Up Craftsman

If you study architecture, then you already know that this is a Craftsman-style home. Craftsman homes are all about bringing out the artisan style of home design. You want your home to look handcrafted if you have this architecture as part of your house’s design.

It makes sense, then, that fishscale tends to be somewhat popular in older Craftsman homes. Fishscale siding was initially hand-carved, which is very true to the ideals that the Craftsman era of design brought forth. While this trend has ebbed in recent years, it still looks adorable and would work out well for anyone involved.

4. Cottagecore Cool

Cottagecore Cool

It’s hard to put this particular home in a box. Part of it is a Craftsman home, yes, but the overall shape of the house feels more like a cottage than anything else. Many people would say that it’s a midcentury modern take on cottages. And you know what was popular in the earlier part of the middle of last century? Fishscale.

This is a cute way to bring a slightly 40s twist to a home that feels like it was built in the 60s. It works well and also amps up the “cottage” vibes that people adore about it.

5. Blue On Blue On Blue

Blue On Blue On Blue

Do you want to have a home that has a blue roof and Pacific blue siding? (Or really, do you want to have a home that is mostly one color of your choosing at all?) If so, you need to break up the colors with a little trim, plus a little texture.

The white trim helps divide up the house well, but don’t be fooled. Having the texture that fishscale siding offers makes a world of difference with the house’s aesthetic. It looks way better this way.

6. Neo-Victorian Beach House

Neo-Victorian Beach House

Fun fact: many parts of the East Coast have fishscale siding as a staple among beach house design. Here, we see a home that has a heavy Victorian feel to it. That ambiance was enhanced by the use of fishscale siding, which is a clear call back to the 19th century.

Because this house has a very Victorian feel thanks to the accents near the overhang and porch roof, there’s a good chance that it could actually be a historical home. If that’s the case, then the owners might have no choice but to use fishscale to preserve the home’s integrity.

7. A Fiery Proposal

Neo-Victorian Beach House

Bold colors are starting to make a serious comeback these days, and this homeowner did not play around. The scaly siding is there to add texture and give an almost-wooden look to this massive mountainside home. The red roof and the color of the siding itself also dial up the heat.

8. Tradition By The Sea

Tradition By The Sea

Remember when we said that fishscale siding is a favorite among beach houses and seaside hangouts? Yep. This is an example of beach house architecture with a more modern spin. The gable of the house was done in vertical lap siding to add a nautical finish to it. Surf’s up, people!

9. Gingerbread Glory

Gingerbread Glory Fishcale Siding

Who doesn’t love the adorable look of a gingerbread house? People who want to get that whimsical vibe (or just want to get a wood-like home exterior) can rely on a bold woody fishscale siding choice to make it happen. This Victorian home looks extra cute thanks to the gingerbread-like appearance.

10. Brick But Not Brick

Brick But Not Brick

While most people associate fishscale siding with the look of a gingerbread house, it also can be used to subtly mimic other textures. Here, we see a schoolhouse red home decked out in fishscale. The scales here almost look like bricks thanks to the ruddy color they sport. It’s not 100 percent on point, but it still works.

11. Feeling Fishy

Feeling Fishy

If a house was ever owned by a mermaid, this would be it. This entire home has a fishy look to it thanks to its oceanic color palette, fishscale siding, and soft seafoam green accents. While we’re pretty sure a real mermaid doesn’t live here, it’s clear this home would work well near a beach.

As you can see, fishscale siding has a lot to offer the right person. It’s all about how you use it, so have some fun designing your home. It’ll look great.

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