Oh, the beach house. It’s a place where you can escape from the world, gaze upon the sea, and also host killer parties that make you the envy of the block. Being able to design your own beach house exterior is a dream come true. Let’s take a look at the hottest beach house exterior design ideas out on the market right now.

1. Three Different Lounges

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Who says that a beach house exterior design has to stick to traditional places to hang out? This raised beach house has a flatter roof, giving visitors a quick and easy way to lounge on the rooftop. If they want a more “easy access” opening, they have the porch. And the house is raised, so right underneath, you get shady lounge chairs. Chic!

2. Feeling Blue

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Sometimes, the most unique beach house exterior design is the one you paint on. This bold blue is definitely a showstopper, even among flashy homes. A beach house design exterior paint job can make all the difference between a drab house and a fab house. This is a smart way to freshen up an old beach house.

3. Garage On The Bottom, Screens Up Top

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If you live in a flood-prone area, chances are that your home may have a raised portion to help prevent water damage. This home design involves a lot of protection from the elements along with a lot of amenities. The raised gap makes for a great garage. Meanwhile, screened windows help prevent bugs from getting in the home.

The Modern Take

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The hottest modern beach house exterior design is choosing to make your home look like *not* a typical beach house. This home looks like it could be a luxury chalet in the woods. However, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the local beach. If you dislike old school beach houses, this is a great take on it.

5. Manufactured Mayhem

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Most people assume that beach house exterior design is all about mansions. It’s not. Many parts of the country have smaller, manufactured homes that line the beachy areas of the coast. Sometimes, just painting that trailer a cute retro color is all the charm you need to make it your perfect summer home.

Small manufactured homes are a great pick for people who just want a pied a terre somewhere summery. Trust us, it’s always going to have a certain down-home charm.

6. Victorian Wonders

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Did you know that parts of the Jersey shore showcase Victorian beach house exterior design? It’s true, especially in historic districts. This style of beach house design exterior work involves bay windows, intricate trim styles, and lots of beautiful old world additions. If you have a historic home, then this is often the only choice that you can legally make.

7. Candy-Colored Cabanas

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Do you have a home that was made from upcycled materials? Perhaps it’s a house that had a lot of metal accents. You might want to look at one of the most Miami-friendly beach house exterior design ideas: brushed and distressed, candy-colored home exteriors. These cabanas are adorable. Your home could mimic that vibe, too!

This look is typically used for cabanas, but it can also work with small beach house exterior design concepts. Many people have already used similar concepts for beach clubs and night clubs that have cabana rentals, but don’t stop there. It can be used in a wide range of home styles.

8. An Updated Cape Cod

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Cape Cod homes were famous for being a sign of life in the Northeast. As homes began to get tired of the “old fisherman” look, they started to update them with gables, larger windows, and craftsman-style porches. The end result was something that looks just as fitting near the beach as it is in the woods.

9. Ranch On The Beach

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Most of us have seen the classic “ranch McMansion” look in stories about the Midwest. It’s a classic look that oozes American middle class, comfort, and down-home charm. We’re just going to point this out: this house exterior style can also work wonders by the beach. Classy looks don’t just stop being popular due to location!

10. What A View!

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Most beach house exterior design ideas will have some focus on the view of the ocean. This designer decided to place a major focus on using windows to maximize beautiful views. It gives the home an ethereal look, especially when you see its location on a cliff.

While this is a small beach house exterior design concept, it can definitely be scaled up. There is nothing wrong with adding more windows to any home design you love. Windows add a lot more light to your home and also make it easier to enjoy the view.

11. Adding A Pagoda

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Sometimes, the look of the front exterior is not the place where you need the most inspiration. Your beach house is there to be a party zone, so why not add amenities that make it easy to have fun in the sun? This pagoda also has a bar and grill built-in for extra summer fun.

12. The Cabin By The Sea

12 Beach House Exterior Design Ideas11

When people think of beach house design, they rarely ever think of cabin-y looks. It just doesn’t seem to work well with the area, right? Wrong. Vinyl siding made it possible to snag that cabin look without the worry of ocean rot.

This home exterior is one of many on this list that prove that you don’t need to stick to a traditional beach house look. You can also turn it into a cabin, a Victorian home, or really, any other vision you want. We hope these ideas helped spark some creativity in you.

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