If you are casually into the world of exterior siding or architecture, you probably didn’t hear of the color “hearthstone.” This is a deep gray-green-brown with a gorgeous golden undertone. In recent years, hearthstone has seen a major takeoff in popularity.

Designers are snapping up hearthstone siding in every department they can find. Styling this is a cinch, so we can understand why this might be the year of the hearthstone siding color frenzy. Need to see it for yourself? Take a look at these awesome photos.

1. Warm Modern Couture

12 Hearthstone Siding Color for Home Designs Inspiration

Doesn’t this place look like it belongs in a fashion magazine? We sure think it does. One of the reasons that people often shy away from modern exteriors is because they can look cold and unwelcoming if done wrong. Hearthstone makes it easy to get that gorgeous glow of a happy home, even when the lights aren’t on.

If you want to get the best look for this home, make sure to add copper accents. It gives your house a fiery yet amazingly elegant look that just works perfectly with modern home architecture.

2. Woodsy Siding

Woodsy Siding

Hearthstone siding color is one of the more unusual picks for certain areas, but that’s not a bad thing. This home shows that this siding has a unique trait. It actually shifts to a slightly green facade with the right lighting and trim. Here, the woods in the background help encourage the green undertones of the siding color.

The greige window shutters also act as a foil to the green and yellow undertones that the siding has. It becomes clear there’s just a hint of color. So, it’s like the neutral without the actual neutrality that you expect in a beige color.

3. Adding A Little Contrast

Adding A Little Contrast

The golden-green of a deeper hearthstone color siding will work well with homes that have a very forestry feel or have colorful accents. This home has a warm cream trim, but also adds pops of red through window lining and the actual joists that stick out under the roof.

The red adds color contrast to the home, giving it a warm, inviting, and cottage-y feeling even though the home itself is a Craftsman home.

4. Sweet Colonial Style

Sweet Colonial Style

Colonial homes are rarely ever seen with hearthstone siding because it is a modern color with one of the oldest types of architecture in America. And yet, here we are. It’s a colonial home with black shutters, a red door and…hearthstone siding? Yep.

Hearthstone is a good pick for people who want to have a colonial home that has a different take than the typical white or blue exterior siding that people usually pick for it. Some might find it a bit old school, but it can work with the right landscaping and trim.

5. Contemporary Cape Cod

Contemporary Cape Cod

Cape Cod homes are very similar to colonial homes, but with slightly more gables and a little less symmetry. The siding color here got warmed up with a slightly brassy bottom porch roof and a shake rooftop above. Unlike the other home, they didn’t go for black trim. Rather, they went for a darker gray with a reddish undertone.

The red undertones in the accessories make it welcoming and also add a subtle contrast. We think it looks pretty neat, don’t you?

6. Cool Shades, Bro

Cool Shades, Bro

So far, we have seen a lot of homes with warm accents to encourage the golden tones of hearthstone to come out a bit more. That isn’t always the best choice. A homeowner here decided to go with a slate blue rooftop that actually brings out the colder side of hearthstone.

This helps encourage the greenish brown side of the siding without having to resort to custom lighting or heavy landscaping to bring it out.

7. Honeycomb Siding

Honeycomb Siding - Hearthstone Colored Siding

Honeycomb patterned siding is a good choice for hearthstone because it brings out the texture of the siding beautifully. It’s dark enough to make most siding reveal the careful textures you chose for it, but also light enough to avoid making a home look gloomy. Considering that this home has black gutters framing the home, it’s clear to see that geometry was the name of the game here.

8. A Rustic Cape Cod

A Rustic Cape Cod

Cape Cod homes are typically found on the East Coast near the beach. (Get it? Cape Cod?) This house has a more rustic appeal than most. Hearthstone siding is reminiscent of beach sage, which makes it beachy enough to work as a summer home. However, this color also works out well as a rustic house siding option. This home is both rustic and beachy—a perfect Southern dream, if you ask us!

9. Green Shutters, Hearthstone House

Green Shutters, Hearthstone House

Take a close look at the shutters of this house. You might notice that they are actually a deep forest green. Green and hearthstone siding are a perfect color combination for someone who wants something stately, smart, and a little bit different from the norm of neutrals. It’s elegant and homey—perfect for a place that you want to stand out.

10. A Little Nod To Spanish Architecture?

A Little Nod To Spanish Architecture?

Spanish architecture always involves red roofs and clay exteriors. Here, the hearthstone siding with the brick roof shingles give a slight nod to the Spanish style but don’t quite go all the way. It's a cute way to add that twist to your contemporary home, no?

11. Light Blue And Hearthstone

Light Blue And Hearthstone

Ooh, pastel mint, light blue trim, and hearthstone! This color combination was actually fairly popular for kids’ interiors in the 2010s. Here, we see hearthstone siding take the lead in a similar manner. Pretty, no?

12. Hearthstone And White

Hearthstone And White

Finally, we’re going to state the obvious. Hearthstone color siding is great with neutrals, especially white. White is the ultimate pick for people who want to have a little extra highlight to their siding color without having to worry about mixing and matching. It’s gorgeous, so why not let hearthstone stand on its own?

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