Oh greige. You are the often-forgotten addition to the neutral color palette that people seem to love to hate. But, is it really that bad a thing to like greige siding? If you are a professional designer, you already know this grey-beige color isn’t something to be left in the dust. It’s trendy as can be.

Greige is a color that is often maligned, but it shouldn’t be. It’s an excellent siding color. If you don’t believe it, check out our post filled with awesome greige home designs that look amazing, clean, and modern.

1. Greige Meets Victorian

12 Greige Siding Home Designs Ideas To Know

This house is a gorgeous blend between Victorian appeal and contemporary architecture. It’s beautiful, but if it were painted in a different color, it would probably look a lot more aged. The greige siding in this home design actually helps give the house a more updated look.

Oh, and a bonus about greige? This siding color tends to help hide dust and dirt. So, your home will continue to look pristine for longer. When you pair it with white trim, it's easy to see why this combo is a beachside favorite.

2. My, My Modern!

Home Designs Using Greige Siding

Okay, say it with us: modern house design loves greige. It’s true. Take a look at almost any trendy architecture magazine, and you’ll see a greige home exterior in its pages. This particular designer used greige house siding to help show off the sharp angles and beautiful geometry of the house design. Besides, greige is in. So, of course it’d be involved in modern design.

3. Greige On Craftsman

Greige On Craftsman

Craftsman homes like the one above are great for greige house siding, especially when they have the seamless lap look of the home here. The issue many people have with greige is that it can look cold and soulless. The designers here warmed it up by pairing it with cream trim and a reddish brown roof.

4. Whimsical In Green

Whimsical In Green

Greige may look great with warm colors, but don’t underestimate how much of an impact you can get from cooler colors too. This home uses greige house siding with a unique color combination: pastel sage green. It actually adds a certain whimsy to the home that you wouldn’t expect to see. We can’t help but like it.

5. Gone Earthy, Be Back Later

Gone Earthy, Be Back Later

Greige tends to be a neutral people use with colors, but don’t let that stop you from going for a full neutral palette. Neutrals go with neutrals fairly well, and if you dial up the contrast with something like a terra cotta roof, it’s a fairly dramatic look. We could totally see this house as a mountain mansion, couldn’t you?

6. The Standard

The Standard

If you live in an area with an HOA, then you probably already have a ton of different regulations that you need to meet. This includes paint regulations. The good news here is that you can count on most HOA’s to have at least one or two greige siding colors to work with. Why? Because greige is beautiful and also helps add a touch of uniformity.

7. A Stately Pick, Indeed

A Stately Pick, Indeed

Do you want to turn a traditional greige siding idea on its ear? Cool! Add shutters with cool undertones to the home, then top it with a roof that has a warm neutral shade. This unique take gave the exterior of this home a warm, yet formal look that is balanced and still keeps you on your toes.

8. Get Bold With Black

Get Bold With Black

If you want to go for a bold architectural idea like black gutters as an outline to your home, you’re going to need a siding color that can make that choice pop. Greige is a great pick for this because it’s light enough to show off that feature without making it look too stark.

WIth that said, this type of special take is all about getting the right shade of greige for the job. We suggest going for a more beige-like greige that’s on the lighter side of the spectrum.

9. Seamless Exterior

Seamless Exterior

Don’t ask us why, but greige siding has a particularly unique feel when you use a seamless lap option like the home above. It gives the house a uniquely surreal look that almost makes you feel like it’s part of a movie set. But, make no mistake about it. This home is real. It just looks pretty in a surreal type of way.

10. Greige On Greige

Greige On Greige

In some parts of the country, greige isn’t just a siding color. It’s almost a way of life. If you want to have a home that really takes this trend to the next level, don’t just keep your siding greige. Go for the gold by matching your shutters to your siding. It may be a bit overkill in some peoples’ eyes, but it will look beautiful when executed correctly.

11. Red And Greige

Red And Greige

A lot of people find greige to be a somewhat “draining” color. This means that it tends to make your home feel a bit dull or lifeless when planned incorrectly. If that sounds like your take on greige, then you may want to pair it with a fiery color like a deep red. Here, we see the look,and it’s very “California artsy,” if you know what we mean.

12. Emphasizing Shadows

Emphasizing Shadows

Greige is also a great siding color for adding dimensions and depth. Don’t believe it? Get some greige siding that features a Dutch lap texture. This home is set on an angle that emphasizes the shadows cast by a setting sun. The greige helps give the home a geometric look that also helps make your home distinct among others.

As you can see, greige siding is trendy for a reason. Not only is it a neutral color that pairs well with anything that you could imagine, but it also can add a touch of drama to your home. So, let’s not fear greige or overlook it. This is one siding color that can seriously make your home’s exterior pop.

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