Did you notice how many houses with Dutch lap siding are hitting the market in recent years? Home flippers and real estate investors have fallen in love with the look of Dutch lap. This type of siding has become a favorite due to its dimension-adding capabilities.

Not sure what Dutch lap siding is? It’s like regular lap siding except for one small difference. The ends of Dutch lap flare outward, emphasizing the shadowing that comes with lap-style siding. At times, this siding style also can come with wider siding measurements.

So, how do you style it? Well, there’s more than one way to make it happen.

1. Multicolor Marvels

Houses with Dutch Lap Siding 05

This home has a white bottom and a pale yellow front to its main gable. Both sections of the home feature Dutch lap siding, proving that houses with Dutch lap siding can rock that style without having to worry about sticking to a single color.

If you choose this look, remember that you don’t have to choose similar colors to make this look work. Sometimes, a bold duo of colors can be the better choice.

2. Gone Gray

Houses with Dutch Lap Siding 12

This light gray Victorian home has all the makings of a beach house, including a small lot that probably cost a bunch to buy. (But, what do we know? We’re just looking at pictures of houses with Dutch lap siding.)

Here, the Dutch lap’s colors help make the home look more beachy and also help make the house look larger. It also keeps the old world veneer that you would want to have in a historic home. Chic!

3. Cabiny Green

Houses with Dutch Lap Siding 07

People often underestimate how woodsy Dutch lap siding can be, especially since this style of siding is usually found in the Northeast near the beach. However, this person did it justice by choosing sage green siding and emphasizing the woodsy aspect of the home with natural accents like stone and cherry wood joists.

4. The Palest Of Blues

Houses with Dutch Lap Siding 03

At first glance, this looks like a gray house. It’s not. It’s blue. Houses with Nantucket Dutch lap siding like this can help curry the illusion of a grayer exterior thanks to the bold shadow the laps offer. This home has a very light blue that just barely separates the trim from the siding’s color. The Dutch lap helps make this home look a lot more detailed and balanced without taking away from the design of the home.

5. Skinny And Lapping It Up

Houses with Dutch Lap Siding 11

If you take a look at the photo above, you’ll notice that the siding on this house is a lot skinnier than in most of the other pictures of houses with Dutch lap siding you’ve seen. This is by design and helps add a more traditional take on home siding that works well with colonial-style architecture. The smaller lines also help the home look larger than it really is—a selling point once the house hits the real estate market, for sure.

6. Lap And Shake

Houses with Dutch Lap Siding 01

Most homes with Dutch lap siding tend to be entirely Dutch lap—and that’s great for them. However, we want to point out that this doesn’t have to be the case. This pretty pastel teal home was done up with both lap and shake siding, with the shake siding being the top of the house’s gables. The textures help break up the monotony here, giving the home a carefully crafted artisan vibe.

7. Full Traditional

Houses with Dutch Lap Siding 10

When Dutch lap first got on the market, the world was mostly using it for colonial and Cape Cod housing. This house uses it in the most traditional way possible: a colonial home with crisp black shutters, white trim, and an elegant cream lap exterior. It looks remarkably stately, in that classic all-American way of life.

8. Schoolhouse Rock!

Houses with Dutch Lap Siding 06

Most people in the country want to have a sprawling home that has a vibe that matches the days of yore, where barns and schoolhouses were nice little shelters in the country. Dutch lap can help bring that nostalgia back to the forefront by adding brick red to your home’s exterior. This offers up a rustic yet modern feel that looks perfect with white trim.

9. Whiteout

Houses with Dutch Lap Siding 04

Looking for a dramatic yet HOA-friendly way to use Dutch lap siding? Use white lap with white bay window accents and white trim. It’s an instant way to make your home look crisp, clean, fresh, and surprisingly modern. Homeowners adore this timeless look, and who can blame them? It looks effortlessly urbane and sophisticated.

10. Texture Up

Houses with Dutch Lap Siding 08

Dutch lap and shake are back at it again, but this time, they added barn-style window shutters to the mix as well. This house has a ton of different exterior textures that play in together for a very elegant mix-and-match look that pulls the home together in a Midwestern style. We love it!

11. Dutch Lap And Outlines

Houses with Dutch Lap Siding 02

Dutch lap can add a splash of linear styling to any home, but why not double up on the linear look? This home uses black gutters to outline the sides of the home. When paired with Dutch lap exterior siding, you end up with a home that almost looks surreal—as if it is drawn by an animator rather than a real home. Trippy.

12. The All-American Look

Houses with Dutch Lap Siding 09

Take a look at almost any McMansion in the Midwest, and you’ll notice a ton of pictures of homes with Dutch lap siding that is done up with a beige hue. The combination of a gray roof, sandy Dutch lap siding, and gray shutters helped pull this together in a friendly neighborhood home design that looks familiar to everyone.

13. My, My Modern!

Houses with Dutch Lap Siding 13

Finally, we want to point out that traditional and “old world” homes tend to be the most popular Dutch lap pairings, but it’s not the only option. You can also rock this style with modern architecture, and you can see here. Doesn’t it just add some extra boxy goodness to this home? We happen to think so, and so did the people who bought this beautiful home.

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