13 Modern Siding Ideas for a Contemporary Home

No matter what type of home you have, siding is a crucial and integral part of it. What you side your home with can have a major impact on your home’s curb appeal, as well as its protection from the elements. If you have a modern home, it’s important to have the exterior covering match, which can mean getting creative with your siding and what you do with it. Fiber cement’s versatility makes it one of the best sidings for modern homes, giving you plenty of options that are modern, contemporary, and the perfect fit for your home.

Modern Siding Ideas

modern siding

Clean lines are one of the hallmarks of many modern and contemporary designs. In this home, the oversized panels with contrasting trim emphasize the lines of the home, while the contrasting wood siding adds some interest and depth to the design. Picking up the same wood on the underside of the eaves helps to create a cohesive design.

Mixed materials are another hallmark of many modern designs. In this home, both panels and wood-look siding combine with natural stone for a look that is both industrial and organic at the same time. The panels used on the upper portion of the house are complemented both by contrasting trim and by a color-matched faux rivet to add some texture to the area. The vertical wood-look siding features the same contrasting trim to tie the two sides of the home together.

Modern siding doesn’t have to conform to any traditional elements. In this case, both the color and the size of the panels help to make a statement on this corner building. Color-matched trim helps to bring out the lines of the various panels, emphasizing the fact that the panels are varying widths, and helping to elongate the building’s shape.

Sometimes color is the best way to get a point across and make a statement on a building’s exterior. These bold red panels are trimmed out with white to create a unique grid over the building. The oversized panels and clean lines complement the deep color perfectly, creating a thoroughly modern look and style.

Modern design may be known for its clean lines and crisp surfaces, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t also have a lot of depth and contrast in the design. On this home’s exterior, the contrasting panels are complemented by a metallic trim with an inner grove, adding even more depth and interest to the design. The wood-look of the accent panels further emphasizes the shape of the building.

Modern siding needs to be able to follow the shape of the building. In this case, the siding changes shape and direction as it moves across the home’s exterior. From moving at an angle across the upper portion of the home to following the long lines of the deck around the middle, this modern siding flows perfectly over the entire home.

modern wood siding

Sometimes modern design merely needs to update a more traditional look to get the desired style. This contrasting siding uses trim to set off the stained wood section from the darker areas. The color of the window frames matches the color of the darker siding perfectly to help make this look more contemporary.

Sometimes siding can be put to use to help draw the eye along various parts of the home. This modern home uses wood-look siding to pull the eye to the left along the deck, as well as out away from the house under the eaves. The offset panels on the rest of the home help to set off the shape of the house overall.

Modern siding design doesn’t always mean using only contemporary styles; sometimes a mix of styles works best. On this building, traditional horizontal lap siding is set off by the panels and trim framing the windows to draw the eye to this corner.

As long as some modern elements exist on the building’s exterior, it’s also possible to use predominately traditional siding, such as this horizontal lap siding. The vertical siding and panels contrast the traditional siding, while the modern elements on the windows and garage door turn the horizontal siding into a stark, clean backdrop for the rest of the design.

Modern siding doesn’t have to mean covering your home or building in a single type of material or color. This building uses a mix of different materials, lines, and colors to emphasize different areas and shapes. The tangerine colored portion in the front makes the entire building pop, drawing and catching the eye.

It’s the details that really help bring a design together and keep it from becoming boring. This modern building contrasts the plain horizontal siding with sections of vertical siding and panels in three different colors to create a geometric design.

Complement Modern Homes

No matter what type of modern home you have, it’s important to complement its exterior with the right modern siding. Fiber cement siding offers so many different looks, styles, and colors, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect match for your home.

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