Green is one of those colors that brings in a certain mood as soon as you see it. When it comes to house exteriors, it’s a rare choice. We want to change that. Green house colors exterior painters use can grab attention, make a statement, or just give your home an earthy pop.

We’re going to help you learn a bit about the hottest green exterior house colors people are using and how to pair them.

1. Dark Green With White Trim

16 Green Exterior House Design Ideas16

A dark green home is gorgeous, but when you pair it with white trim, that contrast pops! This gorgeous home features one of the best combination of green exterior house colors with neutrals out there. It’s bold, it’s chic, and it’s oh, so cute!

2. Mint And Steel

16 Green Exterior House Design Ideas04

Mint is rarely ever a color you see painted on a home’s exterior, but this designer made it work. They paired mint, white trim, and a steel rooftop to make the home look modern, slick, and forest-y.

3. Mauve And Green

16 Green Exterior House Design Ideas15

Green exterior house design ideas don’t have to be boring. This mauve and green home features cream trim and accents to create a colorful, vibrant, and unique take on Victorian home design. While many HOAs may not approve of this, it’s undoubtedly true that this home will be easy to spot!

4. A Classic Pairing

16 Green Exterior House Design Ideas08

A sage green home has been a staple of many Colonial houses, especially those in historic districts. Traditionally, many houses would pair sage exteriors with a brick red pair of shutters and white trim. It’s a classic slice of Americana.

5. Earthy Green And Brick

16 Green Exterior House Design Ideas11

If you are a fan of the green and red contrast, then there are other ways to get that aesthetic without shutters. Adding brick to the bottom of your home’s exterior helps add a traditional twist to this contrast. It’s also a classic way to add green to a craftsman home.

6. Brass And Black Roof, Green Home

16 Green Exterior House Design Ideas05

Another good way to pair your green home exterior’s paint is to pair it with some warm neutrals like brass, tan, and stone. This home modernized a green exterior by adding brass touches, warm lighting, and light beige stonework in the bottom of the house.

7. A Little Latin Twist

16 Green Exterior House Design Ideas10

In many parts of Latin America, apartments aren’t painted in painfully neutral colors. They are painted up in bright colors like this gorgeous lime green. This is one of those green exterior house paint colors that will definitely make a building stand out.

8. Bicolor Green

16 Green Exterior House Design Ideas01

At first glance, this is just a regular green house exterior. But wait! Look at the side of the gables! There’s something a bit strange about them. They’re a shade or two darker than the rest of the house. It’s a sneaky way to add dimension and make those white windows pop even more!

9. Brown Roof

16 Green Exterior House Design Ideas14

Green is generally a house exterior paint color that is meant to make a statement. This ranch home decided to offer contrast through a beautiful mahogany brown roof. It worked well, don’t you think?

Pairing everything with a brown roof is a simple choice, sure, but it makes a massive difference. Bold brown just stands up better to a bold green like the one in the picture above.

10. Go Out In The Woods

16 Green Exterior House Design Ideas06

Green is the perfect color for a home that channels that woodsy, outdoorsy vibe. Here, you see a lot of colors found in nature—dark green, light green, chestnut brown, as well as tree bark shingles. This gives the home a beautifully forest-friendly appearance that’s super welcoming.

A good rule of thumb is to channel elements from your surroundings into the design of a green house. It’s an easy way to make it feel cozy.

11. Chartreuse And Moss

16 Green Exterior House Design Ideas02

Chartreuse green? Shockingly, it can work on the right home. This is one of the more interesting ways to use green exterior paint on a home. Chartreus trim, dark sage green exterior paint, and brown accents made this home look like a mossy (but beautiful) little cottage abode.

12. Cuckoo For Colonial

16 Green Exterior House Design Ideas09

Colonial homes like this one make statements two different ways: through the main exterior house paint and through the shutters. Black shutters help add contrast and harmoney with the green exterior house paint.

Most people wouldn’t expect black, white, and green to work so well. You’d think it looks awkward from a quick glance of color swatches. It’s counterintuitive, sure, but it works.

13. Say It With Shingles

16 Green Exterior House Design Ideas07

Don’t ask us why, but dark green painted shingles seem to work spectacularly well with Victorian-style houses. Dark hunter green is an excellent choice, especially if you pair it with a brick bottom like the home here.

Shingle or shake siding can help bring out the depth of certain shades of green. It also looks more expensive than standard vinyl, even when it’s at a discount. That’s what makes it a smart move.

14. Full Camo

16 Green Exterior House Design Ideas13

Are you looking for a home exterior color scheme that will help you blend in with your surroundings? It feels like that’s what this house tried to do. Dusty sage is paired with a dusted chocolate brown roof and trim. The shutters keep things simple with a white lattice look.

15. Top Ratings In Teal

16 Green Exterior House Design Ideas12

Teal is one of those colors that will make your home stand out no matter what. This home designer ended up going deep into the bold and bright aesthetic. To do this, they paired this teal exterior with white trim and a sandy blonde shingle home. Are you daring enough to give this look a try?

16. Keep It Creamy

16 Green Exterior House Design Ideas03

Rounding out our list of green exterior house design concepts is a home that uses a different neutral color for its trim. Cream trim helps prevent a home from looking too stark, but also creates a homey, cottage-like ambiance around it. Needless to say, this is a popular choice for people who want to avoid making their homes look too brusque.

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