Craftsman homes are meant to look as handmade and custom-designed as possible. This means that a good architect will make a craftsman home stand out no matter how many homes of this type he’s designed before.

There are a lot of elements to this design style, primarily when it comes to goals. The idea of craftsman home design is to make the house look authentic, warm, hand made, and cozy.

But what craftsman style design elements are hot? What even makes a home a craftsman home? Let’s take a look at these inspirational photos below and examine the elements.

1. Multi-Textured Siding

Craftsman Design Elements 14

A variety of exterior materials is one of the most common elements of modern craftsman design. This is doubly true when it comes to using neutral colors. It helps add depth and variety to a home without making it look too chaotic.

2. Wooden Joints

Craftsman Design Elements 03

Authenticity is what makes a craftsman home so coveted. Nothing says authentic like having real wooden joints reinforced with metal. It also helps turn your home into a cabin fusion. This makes it a particularly popular choice for people who want woodsy craftsman era design elements in their home.

3. Gable Trims

Craftsman Design Elements 13

The beautiful geometric trims over the gables help add a Victorian touch. If you ask us, these are craftsman style design elements that really add to a home’s look. They just frame gable roofs so beautifully.

6. Custom Roof Trims

Craftsman Design Elements 05

Technically, this photo is not of a craftsman home. However, it does carry craftsman style design elements. The biggest one is the custom trim in a bold red. Craftsman is all about standing out. This paint job helps make that happen.

7. Crafted Columns

Craftsman Design Elements 11

Here, we see a home that is part craftsman-style, part contemporary. The column in the front fo the house make it a great example of a craftsman hybrid home. This helps add to the feeling of workmanship that makes craftsman homes beautiful.

8. Column Accents

Craftsman Design Elements 08

Once again, this is not a craftsman home, but it does have quite a few craftsman design elements. The one we want to point out here is the nice accents at the top of the columns on the porch. This adds a nice handcrafted touch to a typical Colonial home.

9. Windows Aplenty

Craftsman Design Elements 01

If you can’t tell, a lot of other homes have taken cues from craftsman style design elements. One of the more common craftsman design elements to pop up is the use of windows as a way to add natural lighting and make a home look more inviting. It’s a quick way to make your place look glamorous!

10. Geometric Roofs

Craftsman Design Elements 06

Craftsman homes tend to have roofs that aren’t typical pitch roofs or simple gable roofs. Rather, they tend to have roofs that are slightly more geometric in style. This can include sloping roofs, barn-style roofs, as well as custom shake rooftops like the one you see here.

Adding to the home’s unique shape are the bay windows in the front of the house. This helps give the home that handmade look that so many people yearn for.

11. Landscaping

Craftsman Design Elements 12

In many cases, showing your craftsman home isn’t just about the house itself. It’s also about the effort that you put into the surrounding. This (admittedly not craftsman) home is a good example of using landscaping to help frame the house and give it a manicured look.

12. Rounded Entrance Frames

Craftsman Design Elements 07

Earlier craftsman homes were small, but they made a point of showing workmanship. A quick way to make it pop was to add round features to the home since those took more effort and skill to implement. This home has a rounded patio overhang that’s a good example of a subtle take on this element of design.

Another noticeable addition to this home that is worth mentioning is the different shaped windows that still offer a fair amount of symmetry. It adds a very unique take on home creation.

13. Lighting, Lighting Lighting

Craftsman Design Elements 02

It’s important to remember what the point of a craftsman home is supposed to be. It’s a home that is made to showcase artisan skill in home building and adds warmth to your house. This craftsman home has made every effort to highlight all the features using beautifully soft gorgeous yellow lighting.

14. Textured Paint

Craftsman Design Elements 04

If you want to say it with paint, then you can. One of the best craftsman design elements to use that sets your home apart is the use of textured paint. Here, we see a green-painted house with a slightly cloudy, brushed, velveteen look. It gives your home a pop without costing a fortune.

15. Bay Windows And Gables

Craftsman Design Elements 09

A key element of modern craftsman design is to add features onto the home that gives it a unique shape. Rather than stick to the “box with a roof’ look, craftsman homes tend to look built out, with porches, awnings, overhangs, and extra windows. It’s one of the more classic design elements of a craftsman home.

16. Exposed Wood Joists

Craftsman Design Elements 10

This is not a craftsman home, but rather a school that decided to use a lot of design elements from the style in its architecture. The joists of the ceiling of the back building are stuck out to help show that, yes, they used real wood. It’s modern yet geometric. So classic!

This photo in particular shows how versatile so many elements of craftsman work really are. You can find them anywhere and everywhere!

17. Round Windows

Craftsman Design Elements 15

Finally, let’s talk about one of the most common craftsman design elements on the market today: round windows. If you haven’t noticed by now, a lot of craftsman design elements are basically about adding roundness to a home—rounding out roofs, rounding doorways, round, round round.

Round windows are a classic way to add a craftsman touch to any home, especially fi they are near the entrance or “peeping” over a rounded gable. They may not be cheap to install, but they definitely have a beautiful look.

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