17 Fiber Cement Siding Color Ideas

Your home’s exterior plays a major role in its curb appeal. And part of that curb appeal comes from the color of your siding. Whether you live in a “painted lady” Victorian or you have something more contemporary, the color or colors you paint your home can have a major impact on how it looks. Things like the house’s age, location, and what your neighbors have chosen for their paint colors all go into the final decision.

Thankfully for those who are looking for a durable, low maintenance product for their homes, fiber cement siding and panels are available in a very wide range of different colors. Fiber cement paint colors last and enhance your home’s appearance like nothing else.

Fiber Cement Siding Color Ideas

These 17 examples will help you see the possibilities for your home.

1. Two-Tone Perfection

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Many different types of homes rely on more than one color to really help them come alive. Contemporary homes like this one can make especially good use of coordinating colors and stains to show off the architecture to its best advantage. In this case, the Redwood stain complements the dark, charcoal gray siding perfectly, keeping the house from getting too dark, while at the same time giving it a very contemporary and striking appearance.

2. Lights and Darks

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Contemporary homes aren’t the only ones that can make good use of different colors on one building. It’s also very common for numerous styles of architecture to use accent colors to pick out the different decorative elements of the façade. In this case, the light gray/green siding is set off by a very light Marigold accent and Snow white trim. Together they give the house a lot of depth, as well as focus on the decorative areas.

3. Coordinating Shades

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If you have a multi-residence building that features many different sections pieced together, it sometimes helps to side them in different, yet coordinating shades to help them achieve better focus. In this case, the Marigold building plays perfectly against the Autumn Red section, which picks up the color from the first building in a decorative area at the top. They both use the same trim, which helps to coordinate the two buildings and make them into one, cohesive design.

4. Bold and Beautiful

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One of the best things about fiber cement is how well it handles color – any color, including some of those very bright, vivid shades that will fade away on other sidings. With fiber cement’s proprietary paint application and primer for their ready-to-paint panels and planks, your color will stay just as vivid and brilliant year after year. So you can use those chartreuse panels to make your building stand out wherever it is.

5. Vivid Application

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With so many different shapes and sizes of panels, planks, and shingles it’s also possible to find more ways to make your color truly stand out. In this case, the bold red paint becomes even more striking and noticeable by being applied to large, smooth panels. The sleek panels take the red color more vividly than a more textured application, giving you a bright, bold, and eye catching appearance for your home or building.

6. Well Blended

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With so many different color options, from the 22 colors and 6 stains to colors you can choose and apply yourself, you’ll have no trouble coming up with perfectly blended color schemes for your home or building. In this case, the bright orange panels are offset by the gray below them, adding depth and interest to the building as a whole.

7. Let the Details Shine

Homes that have a lot of different things going on also need a lot of different colors to help make them come together. In this case, the Cypress green stands out more vividly for being put up against the red planks and white trim. Together the three colors help bring out the best in this home’s façade.

8. Traditionally Bold

You don’t need to have a contemporary home to pick out a bold color for the exterior. This more traditional home is making a splash with this rich, vivid blue that stands out brightly against the Snow white trim and details. And just like other richly-painted fiber cement homes and buildings, this bold blue won’t fade away with time.

9. Softly Alluring

If you want your home to have some color, but not something so vivid it stands out from miles away, you can still achieve your goals with fiber cement. This Coastal Blue home with Snow white trim has a soft, natural look to it that almost makes it seem as though the building is glowing in the sunshine.

10. Stand Out from the Crowd

Paint and color are fantastic ways of getting additional attention for your home or building. In this case, the bold green buildings on the ends of the row really grab your attention when compared to the cream and taupe-colored buildings that are in between.

11. Classic Coloring

If you live out in the country, you may want to consider painting your home in a classic color, such as a true barn red. This Autumn Red home is perfectly suited to its surroundings with a color that calls to mind a more relaxed and authentic atmosphere, ideal for a house situated in such a wide open area.

12. Rich and Deep

It’s not just the bright and bold colors that can make a statement; sometimes the deeper, richer colors can do the same thing. This Forest green home catches the eye with its incredibly rich depth of color. Paired with Snow white accents and black shutters and doors, this home is meant to have gravity and interest.

13. Naturally Complementary

Homes that have a lot of natural accents, such as this one with its stone landscaping and chimney, sometimes look their best when they complement their surroundings. In this case, the shingles and horizontal lap siding are painted in Granite Gray; the perfect color to accent the actual granite in the yard and landscaping.

14. Bright and Sunny

There’s something very attractive about a home that has a sunny-looking appearance. Shades of yellow are often used to lift people’s spirits and get them into a better mood. This Marigold colored house will certainly make you smile as soon as you notice it.

15. Color with Depth

When color is applied to a textured panel, it gives it a subtle degree of movement, depth, and interest that can’t be found in flatter applications. In this case, the Pacific Blue color gets some light and dark areas on the texture panels and the wood-look siding, making the house seem to come alive.

16. Classically Neutral

Who says that neutrals like Taupe can’t be beautiful? Sometimes a more neutral paint color is the perfect backdrop to things like this bold red roof. The color also becomes the backdrop for the different types of siding – the shingles and board-and-batten sections get more attention than if they were done in something bolder.

17. Naturally Beautiful

It’s important not to overlook the fact that wood stains can be a color as well, letting the grain of the siding show through, rather than hiding it or blending it in. That makes stain one of the best choices you can make for more natural and rustic-looking homes like this one.

Color Your World

Color can be one of the most important parts of your home’s exterior and the way that it’s viewed from the road. This is especially true if the color looks fresh and vivid.. Look to fiber cement siding products to get the color and appearance you want for your home each and every time.

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