5 1950s Ranch Style Exterior Color Schemes

A fresh siding color can be a great way to transform the exterior look of a home. There has been significant interest in the mid-century modern style in recent years, with homebuyers seeking out 1950’s homes with this iconic architectural flair. While it’s ideal to retain some of the original elements of mid-century ranch homes, exterior siding is an area that can benefit from a significant refresh.

In many cases, 1950 ranch house exterior colors can be reimagined to feel more current without losing their original charm. This article serves as a guide to finding the right color palettes that look stunning in today’s suburban landscape while also paying homage to 1950 ranch house exterior colors.

Appreciating the Design of 1950’s Ranch Houses

Ranch homes became wildly popular in the ‘50s and ‘60s, by offering a practical layout and charming features that embraced new modern design interests. Elongated edges, striking angles, and single-story architecture defined these single-family homes, which were often built in harmony with the natural slopes and valleys of the surrounding landscape.

Designed to be welcoming and complementary to the land, original 1950’s ranch houses retain a natural quality that continues to be desirable in today’s market. The ranch house design elements provoke a feeling of sophistication and comfort at the same time, which makes them a great choice for homeowners with a wide range of style preferences.

One of the most notable features of 1950’s ranch houses is that the width of the home is typically much longer than the depth, meaning the front-facing wall is quite large. The entryway is placed at the middle or offset by large windows on the sides, sometimes with clerestory windows to boost natural light.

Exterior siding and trim styles play a significant role in creating curb appeal since they are such a prominent part of the front of the home. This means the choice of a color palette is incredibly important in creating a first impression and distinct aesthetic for a 1950’s ranch house.

Popular 1950’s Ranch House Exterior Colors

The first place to seek inspiration is to return to the original styles that were so popular in the ‘50s and ‘60s. It only takes a quick dive into 1950 ranch house exterior colors to realize that rich brown tones were all the rage. Wood-inspired siding styles – including lap, board and batten, and shake – are common in older ranch homes, so it’s no surprise that these styles were complemented with a range of dark brown finishes.

Add a little red into the mix and you get another popular siding color: a reddish brown hue with a rustic appearance. Rustic red siding colors tend to provoke an authenticity and frontier-inspired exterior. Modern variations on rustic red siding colors continue to be extremely popular in modern home renovations.

Finally, soft pastels round up the other end of the color spectrum that was frequently applied in 1950’s ranch house exteriors. Soft turquoise, butter yellow, and faded pink are some examples of colors that were used in the ‘50s. While these colors don’t present as well in today’s market, there are certain variations of these pastels that can be used in modern ranch homes to bring a brighter appearance, and give them a more cottage-like or bungalow feel.

5 Modern Paint Colors That Capture Mid-Century Charm

Translating trends from half a century ago can be tricky! Here are a few suggestions for reimagining 1950 ranch house exterior colors to shine today:

1. If You Like 1950’s Neutrals, Try Macadamia

Macadamia exterior paint color

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Macadamia has a very light brown tone that makes it absolutely gorgeous on modern ranch homes. With a bright appearance that retains the charm of a wood-inspired exterior, Macadamia siding would look great with white trim, terratone windows, or dark brown soffit.

2. If You Like 1950’s Rustic Reds, Try Toile Red

Toile Red Exterior Color

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Toile Red offers a modern reimagination of classic reddish-brown hues that were popular in the ‘50s. To dial up the rustic aesthetic, try a board and batten style in Toile Red with white or brown trim.

3. If You Like 1950’s Brown Tones, Try Virtual Taupe

Virtual Taupe Exterior Color

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Much darker than Macadamia, Virtual Taupe expresses a rich brown tone that is ideal for any style of ranch house siding, including shake, lap, or board and batten.

4. If You Like 1950’s Powdered Blues, Try Niebla Azul

Niebla Azul Exterior Color

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The powdered blue tones of the ‘50s don’t have the same appeal as they did back then, but you can still use this color as a springboard for more creative siding color ideas. Niebla Azul is a fantastic modern color choice that features a soft blue-green tone with a more mature feel. With crisp white trim, Niebla Azul siding creates a beautiful aesthetic.

5. If You Like 1950’s Pastels, Try Creamy

Creamy Exterior Color

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Instead of butter yellow, peach, or faded pink, try a more neutral offshoot of the ‘50s pastels. Creamy provides the perfect balance, for a light and bright appearance that still has depth and character.

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