Top 33 Home Renovation Blogs You Should Be Following

Whether you’re planning a renovation, gathering ideas to start, or you just have an interest in the home design field, home renovation blogs are a great place to get ideas and inspiration.

Blogs can show many sides of a renovation that you may not know. They can also offer advice, DIY tips, and other ideas that can be useful to you, no matter where you are in your renovation process.

Home Renovation Blogs

The following 33 home renovation blogs cover all sides of the field, from professional builders to DIY homeowners. You’ll be sure to find lots of information and inspiration, along with lots of engaging content.

1. Sweeten Blog


Sweeten is a service that matches homeowners and contractors for projects. But they also run a blog filled with detailed posts on all aspects of home renovation. From a close up look at things like closets and kitchens, to posts about whole home renos done by professionals, you can find a lot of information and ideas at Sweeten.

2. Retro Renovation

Retro Renovation

If you love a vintage look or are remodeling a Mid-Century Modern home, take a look at the blog at Retro Renovation. They offer products ideas, styles, and choices for older homes that need a specific style to look their best.

3. Three Birds Renovations

Three Birds Renovations

Run by three friends,Three Birds Renovations blog is a well-designed, information-filled site with lots of tips, inspiration, and start-to-finish remodeling ideas. With photos and visual inspiration, as well, you’ll find get your creativity up and running.

4. Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson

HGTV host and stylist Emily Henderson runs a blog with a lot of beautiful photos, ideas, and tips for remodeling and staging your home. Look for specific projects or trends and materials you can use in your home.

5. The Inspired Room

The Inspired Room

The blog at The Inspired Room is designed to help you find the right style and materials for your current home. With lots of advice and photos, you’re sure to come away inspired and ready to start.

6. Manhattan Nest

Manhattan Nest

For city dwellers, and New Yorkers in particular, the blog at Manhattan Nest is aimed right at you. With renovation and décor ideas for urban apartments, this blog has a lot of unique content to share.

7. Grandma’s House DIY

Grandmas House DIY

This DIY blog follows the journey of a home renovation. Filled with unique ideas on how to preserve style, it provides a lot of useful information, as well as inspiration by following their story.

8. Love & Renovations

Love and Renovations

Another DIY blog, Love & Renovations has a lot of interesting material, including DIY projects, inspiration, ideas, and easy-to-follow stories. There’s also a lot of visual content, so you can follow along no matter where your interest levels lie.

9. Brooklyn Limestone

Brooklyn Limestone

This blog started out as a way to document the renovation process of a 100+ year limestone. It’s evolved, however, to include not only the main project, but also smaller DIY projects, décor, and ideas. You’ll get a lot of inspiration, as well as ideas of your own by following this unique story.

10. Atlanta Homes

Atlanta Homes Mag

The blog run by Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine is centered on the Atlanta area and the types of renovations and décor that are popular there. Filled with beautifully styled homes and pictures, there’s advice, shopping guides, and tips for Atlanta-based homeowners.

11. Newly Woodwards

Newly Woodwards

The blog at Newly Woodwards started as a way to document the renovation of a couple’s first home. While it still focuses on this project, it’s also filled with other ideas for décor, crafts, and lifestyle that makes it a one-stop-shop for anyone who enjoys the DIY category.

12. Nelson Construction and Renovations

Nelson Construction and Renovations

This Florida-based company runs a blog that showcases some of the fabulous renovations and work they do. With an abundance of images and ideas, you’ll find a lot to inspire you to get your own project off the ground.

13. Home Design Key

Home Design Key

Wondering how you’ll finish your new home or decorate it once the remodel is done? Check out the blog at Home Design Key for ideas, inspiration, and places to shop. You’ll find everything from ideas on the perfect tile backsplash and kitchen faucet to furnishings for your new living room.

14. Building Modern

Building Modern

While a lot of DIY reno blogs tend to focus on updating older homes, Building Modern focuses its attention on more contemporary projects. This DIY blog has projects, ideas, and inspirations for people remodeling a more modern property.

15. Kitchen & Bath

Kitchen and Bath

Toronto-based Kitchen & Bath has a very helpful website with tips for determining not only when to renovate, but what to include. You’ll find very detailed posts on these two important rooms in the home, as well as the items you put in them.

16. Renovation Angel

Renovation Angel

The blog at Renovation Angel has a lot of unique and interesting content for those looking to remodel. They recycle high end materials out of older kitchens to install in new ones. This kind of thrifty look at remodeling can be eye opening for those looking to get high-end materials on a budget.

17. The Kitchen Master

The Kitchen Master

With detailed looks room by room, the blog at The Kitchen Master will take you through many possibilities and ideas for your home. Not just limited to the kitchen, this blog also has info on bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other areas, as well.

18. Peak Construction

Peak Construction

The blog at Peak Construction has a lot of good tips and ideas for projects and renovations in and around your home. From decks to kitchens, you’ll find a lot of very succinct ideas and information you can use.

19. My House Design Build

My House Design

The blog at My House Design Build is broken into easily navigated categories, including renovations and design/build. You’ll find information, ideas, and lots of visual aids to help you find what you’re looking for.

20. Coastal Windows & Exterior

Coastal Windows and Exterior

Not every renovation blog focuses solely on the interiors; Coastal Windows & Exterior has an accessible blog that will show you examples of what can be done for your exterior. From windows and doors to siding and roofing, there’s a lot to be learned from this site.

21. Powell Homes & Renovations


This Seattle-based company has a blog that features everything you want to know about designing, building, and renovating a home. With helpful advice and ideas, this blog makes renovating simple

22. Your Paint Advisor

Your Paint Advisor

Your Paint Advisor, led by the creative Betty, simplifies the world of paint and design, helping readers pick the perfect colors for their spaces. Betty makes design approachable and fun, turning daunting decisions into delightful discoveries.

23. Young House Love

Young House Love

What started as a blog chronicling one renovation eventually became three renovations, as well as thousands of DIY projects and tips. Young House Love has a lot of information, ideas, and product links for you to follow.

24. Remodelista


With links like Remodeling 101 and Get Inspired, the blog at Remodelista is accessible to everyone, no matter your level of remodeling commitment. You’ll find helpful hints and ideas for every area of the home.

25. Hammerzone


Don’t let the layout and page design fool you; the blog at Hammerzone is filled with a lot of helpful and interesting content. You’ll see projects of every kind, as well as tips on how to complete your own projects if you’re looking to do so.

26. This Old House

This Old House

Not just a TV show, This Old House is also a very helpful and inspiring blog and website. You’ll get practical advice and how-to tips and videos on everything from cutting tile to designing an addition.

27. Family Handyman

Family Handyman

If you’re the DIY type, then you’ll really like the advice and step-by-step tutorials atFamily Handyman. This blog breaks down every project into small, manageable steps, and includes costs and material sheets, as well.

28. Bob Vila

Bob Vila

A well-known name in home renovations, the blog at Bob Vila is another fantastic center for how-to help. You’ll find countless projects here, along with instructions on how to complete each one masterfully.

29. Ugly Duckling House

Ugly Duckling House

This home remodeling project blog is the perfect inspiration for any DIYer. At Ugly Duckling House, you’ll find a lot of information, ideas, and tutorials on how to complete a renovation of your own.

30. Centsational Style

Centsational Style

For projects on a budget, check out the blog at Centsational Style. You’ll find projects, advice, visual inspiration, and tips in this highly aesthetic blog.

31. The DIY Bungalow

Diy bungalow

The blog at The DIY Bungalow is all about DIY projects, home decorating and décor, and renovations. You’ll find simple to complex projects, as well as inspiration and ideas to complete similar projects of your own.

32. Ask the Builder

Ask the builder

If what you’re really after is practical advice on how to carry out projects around your home, then you can’t go wrong with Ask the Builder. Tim Carter breaks everything down easily into step by step procedures for everything you could possibly need to know about renovating your home.

33. Houzz


If you want to find the latest trends, as well as information and ideas on materials, furnishings, and projects, then be sure to check out the blog at Houzz. This powerhouse website is filled with information that you can tailor to meet your needs perfectly.

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