5 Beautiful Half Round Siding Examples

There are many different types of architecture that need something decorative on the exterior in addition to the more traditional forms of siding. For some homes, this may be a simple switch between lap siding and shingles, while for others it may be the addition of some decorative paneling around windows. For a select group of homes, however, ordinary doesn’t really apply. For these homes, the shingles need to be even more special, drawing the eye and emphasizing the character of the home. Luckily for those that choose durable, attractive fiber cement siding for their homes, there is also a beautiful half round shingles that can be used to help create the look they’re after.

Half Round Siding Designs

These five examples will show just a few of the ways these attractive half round shingles can be used to highlight your home.

When your home has many different levels of siding or exterior architecture, like this one, half round shingles can be the perfect finishing touch to the upper portion of the home. In this case, both horizontal lap siding and irregular shingles are also used to help create a lot of dimension and interest over the entire home. All are done in the same beautiful olive color, letting the shapes be the attraction. Combined with the bold red trim beneath the roof line, the half round shingles on this home help to draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of height and grandeur over the building as a whole.

Half round shingles don’t have to be relegated to small areas of your home’s exterior to help make a statement. In this case, the half rounds get equal billing with the horizontal lap siding, covering much of the upper portion of the house. Because the house has so many different planes and angles, the half rounds help to emphasize these, drawing the eye to specific sections of the home, and making them stand out even more. Done in the same yellow as the lap siding, however, the half rounds can simply become part of the texture, rather than an additional design element that may overwhelm the eye. Done this way, they add to the beauty of the home, rather than competing for attention with it.

Contrast is also a good way to help show off specific areas of your home. In this home, the color of the lower section of lap siding is repeated with the half round shingles set against and above the green. This not only draws the eye to the shape of the shingles, it emphasizes the two tone color of the home, and creates a richer, deeper look for the entire exterior. And because of the way that the paint is applied to the fiber cement shingles, they are unlikely to chip, peel, or fade anytime soon, making this an attractive and practical option for many decorative homes.

Half round shingles can be used alone, or they can be paired with other decorative elements to call even more attention to the section of the home they are installed on. In this case, the shingles border a second decorative area above and below on the upper portion of the home made of more traditional shingles installed in diagonal and overlapping rows to create a new pattern. The entire home is painted the same rich blue, so the half rounds and decorative shingles help to create depth on the surface of the home, rather than trying to call additional attention with another color that may be out of place.

When your home is large and has a lot of different architectural elements going on, it can actually becoming boring or homogenous to simply use the same type of siding over the entire structure. By breaking it up and using more decorative options from time to time, it adds a lot of interest, while also calling out the different elements of the home for more attention. In this case, two colors of half rounds are used, with one acting as an accent band around the middle of the property and accenting the area above the front door. The result is a lot of depth and texture that is anything but boring.

Decorate Your Home with Half Round Shingles

Half round siding is an attractive and interesting way to add interest, texture, and depth to your home’s exterior. Whether you have a Victorian that needs some additional “gingerbread” style trim, or you have a more sedate home style that needs a little pick me up in design, half round shingles are a great way to add the look you’re after. Consider adding some half rounds to your home’s exterior design. Whether you use them sparingly, or cover large sections of your home, they’re sure to make a statement. And when you use fiber cement half rounds, you’ll also get the same quality and durability you’ve come to expect, making this one of the best decisions you could make for your home.

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