7 Facebook Advertising Ideas for Contractors & Remodelers

For contractors and remodelers, effective advertising is key to expanding your customer base and making additional contacts in the field. Unfortunately, getting the word out about your professional services can feel like a bit of a mystery when you don’t have a clear advertising strategy in place. Plus, the global pandemic has changed the arena of finding new clients and landing new projects.

Instead of getting lost in the noise, take advantage of this moment by using these seven effective Facebook advertising ideas to capitalize on heavy online traffic, and capture the attention of people scrolling through.

Advertising in the “New Normal”

The pandemic has fundamentally changed how people live their lives, conduct business, and connect with others. For homeowners, finding reliable contractors and remodelers often means turning to the internet for a quick local search instead of checking out bulletin board ads at the local building supply store. With online advertising hitting an all-time high in terms of importance, accessibility, and exposure, it’s critical to learn the tools of the trade — and apply them in your marketing efforts as soon as possible.

New normal advertising

Many independent and freelance industries, including building and remodeling, have seen an increase in skilled service providers. Traditional, steady employment has been a big unknown during the pandemic, so many folks with skilled trades have ventured into the freelancing field. With a saturated market, there’s more competition than ever before for contractors and remodelers.

Believe it or not, highlighting your skills and expertise isn’t always the most successful way to win clients. Visuals are key now, and exciting, intriguing, inspirational, and entertaining advertising can sometimes be the hook needed to draw in extra business. And it all starts with marketing.

Take a look at these seven practical and creative ways for contractors and remodelers to advertise on Facebook:

1. Before/After Photos

One of the most classic formulas for showing off creative building and remodeling skills, side-by-side photos presenting a space before and after project completion, can often hook and impress viewers. Seeing a room’s full transformation creates a ‘wow’ effect that sparks viewers to imagine a similar leap in style for their own home.

2. DIY Price Tag Comparisons

Contractors and remodelers share a unique talent: for being able to transform basic materials into a stunning final product. Homeowners often browse catalogs seeing images of fully staged and decorated rooms, picking out ideas for the final look they want for their home. One memorable advertising strategy is to showcase your DIY skills, demonstrating the amount of money that can be saved when a homeowner hires you. Once a homeowner sees how much money they can save by hiring you to build a project from scratch rather than buying it off the shelf, there’s a good chance they’ll reach out to see what else you can do to help them save money while they are remodeling.

3. Budget Project Ideas

A list of project ideas that fall under a specific budget is also a great way to attract viewers. Compile a list along with photos of services or projects you can complete “under $100” or “under $500” and so on. Many people are conscious of spending during this pandemic, so providing affordable options can generate excitement.

Project ideas

4. Speedy Project Ideas

In addition to financial limitations, folks are also conscious of time and exposure to others. Some homeowners are hesitant to open their homes up to several contractors at once. Creating a list of services that can be completed under a specific time frame can help ease those concerns. Advertise a list of easy, fast, building or remodeling services that you can complete “in a day” or “under a week.”

5. Step-by-Step Progress

Step-by-step slideshows are another classic way to educate and entice potential clients. The benefit of advertising step-by-step progress photos on Facebook is that your post can be educational, encouraging viewers to pause and check it out in more detail.

Project progress

6. Time-Lapse Construction Video

Folks tend to scroll through ads quickly, so the faster you can make an impact, the better. Time-lapse is a fantastic way to summarize a remodeling or building project in a short amount of time. Providing an overview of a sample building project can put potential clients at ease.

7. Versatility Expo

Finally, a great way that contractors and remodelers can stand out in Facebook ads is to showcase their creativity and skills. Dedicate an entire ad to a single building material and demonstrate a handful of ways you can use that material in various projects. If you have a particular area of expertise, highlight it! For example, create an ad that showcases five ways to use ceramic tile or five ways to upcycle reclaimed wood in your home decor. Viewers love seeing creativity in action, and it’s a great way to show off your skills and capabilities!

Instead of simply advertising your services and contact information, boost your marketing efforts by creating focused ads highlighting your skills. Once you get the hang of Facebook advertising, there’s a good chance you’ll never go back to the building supply store bulletin board!

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