7 of the Top Architectural Podcasts

best architecture podcasts

When you like to learn, stay informed, or just keep entertained while you go about your day, listening to podcasts can be a great way to keep up with things. This includes not only entertainment-style podcasts, but also those that are dedicated to specific subjects or professions, such as architecture.

Best Architectural Podcasts

With all the many different people recording and promoting their casts you’ll want to ensure that you take the time to listen to the very best. These 7 architectural podcasts are rated highly by Arcat as part of their recommended architectural resources.

1. AIA Podnet

The American Institute of Architecture puts out its own podcast on a regular basis. Featuring a mixture of architects, designers, and other professionals, the podcast features things like interviews, discussions, and best practices. Called the Architecture Knowledge Review, these podcasts are interesting, enlightening, and updated regularly enough that you’re unlikely to run out of content any time soon. Previous podcasts are available on the site going back several years, allowing you to browse by topics that may interest you as well.

2. Archispeak

If you prefer more casual podcasts, check out Archispeak. This informative podcast strives to be entertaining as well as informative, with a broad look at all areas of architecture - both the good and the bad. The podcasts deals with numerous issues related to the field of architecture from hiring employees to marketing your practice and whether things like marketing are even necessary in today’s market. The podcasts are updated very often – about once to twice a month, so you’ll want to check back often. Previous podcasts are also easily searchable if you want to find previous information as well.

3. The Architecture Happy Hour

Not just for professionals, the Architecture Happy Hour has components for homeowners and other interested parties as well. Run by two architects – Laura and Larry – the podcast deals with everything relevant to the profession from the workplace to popular HGTV shows. The podcasts are published approximately once a month, with all previous podcasts easily accessed as well.

4. Business of Architecture

Aimed at architects looking for ways to stay relevant, gain industry knowledge, and grow their business, the Business of Architecture podcast features tips, interviews, and industry news. You will need to sign up for a free account before you can access the majority of the podcasts, however several of the most recent are available for viewing without needing to subscribe.

5. DnA Design and Architecture

With episodes aimed at both architects and design professionals, as well as lay people who have an interest in the field, Design and Architecture is an entertaining look at the design industry. With well scripted episodes covering a wide range of topics from luxury housing to men’s fashion, there’s something for everyone at DnA. Most topics delve deeply into one point, exploring both sides and helping viewers or listeners reach their own conclusions. The podcasts themselves are fairly short – under 5 minutes in length – and are updated frequently enough to stay current.

6. EntreArchitect

Are you interested in becoming an architect, or trying to get ahead in your field, setting yourself apart from the others? If so, you may be interested in listening to the podcasts put out by EntreArchitect. Updated weekly, the podcasts look at the industry through the eyes of a small-firm architect, covering everything from inspiration and strategies to tactical information on helping your business succeed. While signing up for the rest of the EntreArchitect site does require a yearly fee, the podcasts are free to all listeners and may cover some topics being discussed elsewhere on the site at any given time.

7. Spotlight on Design

Want to learn more about specific architects and designers of distinction? Tune in to Spotlight on Design, where each podcast features a lecture on a prominent architect or designer. Some spotlights have included architects and design professionals such as Franke Gehry, Richard Haag, and Rem Koolhass. The series tries to present world renowned and distinguished designers from the fields of landscaping, architecture, urban planning, and design. Past programs, going back several years, are also available on the site. A twitter hashtag - #spotlightondesign allows listeners to discuss the podcasts and to connect with one another outside of the site.

Stay Up To Date

While it can be hard to make time in your busy schedule to stay up to date on relevant issues facing you as an architect, listening to podcasts while you work allows you to do both. Abovementioned best architecture podcasts will help you keep current on everything from the latest design issues to what you’ll need to do if you plan on striking out on your own. Listen in regularly to make sure that you’re staying as current as possible in this fast paced and constantly changing industry of today.

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