When it comes to home exterior colors, there are very few colors that have as much of an “All-American '' panache as autumn red. It’s the red that people associate with little old schoolhouses on prairies, barns, and rural charm. People love this warm color and they love the connotations it has.

It’s clear that there are ways to improve your home design by using autumn red siding. This siding color offers up a ton of combinations as well as ways to bolster the mood of your home. Let’s take a closer look at how top designers use autumn red home siding to make houses look their best.

1. Red And Grey And White

Full Slate Grey Roofing

This neo-Victorian home is a great example of the “little schoolhouse” look scaled up to a newer size. In the past, small school houses were painted red with white trim—just like this home. The cool-colored gray roof helps add a cooling touch that balances out the home in a beautiful way. One can only imagine how perfect this place looks during July 4th celebrations. It’s just pure American magic!

2. Red vs. Blue

Autumn Red Siding - Red vs. Blue

Autumn red is a very bold and powerful siding color.If you want to make a serious statement, then you are going to want to try to work with a home that has very modern architecture…or maybe just a splash of blue. This home has a little bit of both with the end result of a house that looks edgy. The red warms up the house’s facade, while the blue siding and trim cools it down.

If you have a home with that adorable boxy modern architecture, then congratulations! This is one of the easiest houses to style with a provocative color combination. You might as well play around and experiment with the different looks it can offer.

3. Warm Up To Cream

Warm Up To Cream

Red is such a beautiful and warm color, especially when you’re talking about autumn red siding. Sometimes, though, you don’t want to do the classic “schoolhouse white trim” thing. You might want something similar, but just a little less antiquated. This house designer used cream trim, a brown-red roof, and warm stone accents to help dial up the warmth.

4. Oddly Christmassy

Oddly Christmassy

Some looks are better off being more experimental. This home decided to try out a new take on autumn red siding with a color scheme that most people would find to be daring: mint green. The mint green actually looks almost blue because of the paleness of the shade. It’s a little bit Christmassy, but it somehow works in that retro way that certain color setups do.

5. Light Roof, Dark Siding

Light Roof, Dark Siding

In a lot of ways, red siding is actually an outlier among siding colors. Autumn red is dark and it’s also not a neutral or “bluetral” color. It’s actually rare to see a red house. If you want to emphasize the darkness of the siding, then you might want to pair it with a lighter rooftop. This home makes a serious statement by adding that contrast to the home’s exterior.

6. Blue-Grey Shutters, Warm Gray Roof

Blue-Grey Shutters, Warm Gray Roof

If there’s one thing that gives a unique twist on the schoolhouse home coloration of autumn red siding with white trim, it’s different shades of gray. The homeowners made a point of adding a subtle clash by adding blue-gray shutters paired with a warm gray roof. It’s enough to pull your eyes towards the window without making the home’s exterior look tacky.

The truth is that this siding can be tricky to pair with anything other than white or cream trim, too. If you go for a gray roof, it’s almost a given that you will have to stick to white trim.

7. Full Slate Grey Roofing

Full Slate Grey Roofing

Autumn red siding is a great choice for people who want to have low-key contrast that remains classic American styling. A gray roof is the classic for barnhouse and schoolhouse looks, but not any gray will suffice. To get the most contrast, use a slate gray (or deep navy gray) to get that wonderful contrast that makes this rooftop so distinct.

8. Go Full Color

Go Full Color

You know what happens to be an increasingly-rare sight these days? Houses that have serious pops of color. This home looks phenomenal because it incorporates so many different colors. A dark autumn red siding for the gable and front, cream trim, mint accents, and all the different stones make this an artsy, unique home you would love to live in.

PRO TIP - If you want to go for a full color home, make sure that your HOA approves of it before you do it. Moreover, you might want to call up a color expert before you give this a try. Not all colors are going to make a good impression, so while a little contrast and variety works, it may be better to stick to the suggestions of a professional.

9. Red And White Siding

Red And White Siding

Autumn red siding is gorgeous when paired with the traditional doodads, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to white trim alone. Sometimes, you can actually turn this traditional take on trim on its ear. How? This used white siding on the window gable fronts to add a new twist to the schoolhouse look.

It’s clear that red siding can be hard to work with on a home. While this still sticks to the classic white trim look, the modern look of all-white gable fronts make it a bit different than most. It’s a way to casually say, “This is not your mother’s old farmhouse style home!”

And there you have it. Autumn red siding is a great pick for homes that have a Colonial, rustic, Victorian, or modern look. If you don’t have a house with that exterior, don’t panic. The right color scheme and architectural traits can still make it easier to get the home look you want without having to turn everything on its ear.

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