Allura Partners with KB Home as a Sponsor for the New KB Home ProjeKt

KB Home understands that change is inevitable when it comes to housing. They also understand what drives a lot of that change, and what it is that homeowners want out of their homes. Healthy, energy efficient, functional, and livable spaces are the end goal for many, and KB Home wants to lead the way in helping people get there.

That’s why they’re partnering with Hanley Wood’s BUILDER to create a concept home in 2019. KB Home ProjeKt is a look to the future of building, with a team of experts and a variety of top material suppliers and sponsors all looking to create the ultimate in home design.

A History of Innovation

This isn’t the first time that KB Home has partnered with BUILDER to work on creating a new way of building and designing homes. In 2010, the aim was to create a net-zero energy house using high volume production techniques. The goal of this green house was to push the boundaries of innovation and to create a new industry standard.

Their vision was a success, and after nine years, the techniques and practices that were brought forth during this project have begun to be an industry standard. Builders and designers are utilizing the techniques and technologies first introduced by this project on a regular basis, creating greener, more efficient homes.

The Project Today

For 2019 the goals have changed by the overall aims are consistent with their 2010 project; KB Home wants to bring new industry standards in innovation to builders, designers, and home buyers. To that end, they’ve created the KB Home ProjeKt - Where Tomorrow Lives.

The aim of this concept house is to build a home that is low-impact, yet high performance. They intend to design a building that is focused on comfort, health, and wellness for the occupants, as well as resilience and flexibility in the design.

With a major focus on sustainability as well, the vision can only be obtainable through serious collaboration. To this end, they’ve brought in a “dream team” of experts, and sought out the support and help of innovators and material suppliers, like Allura. They acknowledge that the only way to produce a home that will be comfortable, healthy, functional, sustainable, and the next standard from which to draw is to rely on the collaboration of everyone involved.

Raising the Bar

One manifestation of the end goals of this project is to raise the bar for what people are expecting in terms of stylish architecture. That includes making sure that these designs are flexible, healthy, and sustainable. Too often in the past, people have mistakenly believed that to have one or two of these goals, you need to sacrifice the others.

By exploring these concepts throughout the project, KB Home hopes to challenge these misconceptions in a way that causes people to expect more from their designs. Throughout the project and with the data that’s being collected through the performance of the home, they hope to show home buyers what may be possible in the future. These results will also help builders and designers in the decisions and materials that they will be utilizing for the next decade of building.

The project has had an aggressive timeline with the pace from collaboration to gathering of data from the finished house taking just one year. Presentation of the results will be at this year’s International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas. Builders and designers will be interested to see just how well this concept home does in order to start putting many of these innovations into current practice.

Proud to Be a Sponsor

Allura is proud to be an Alliance sponsor with KB Home. This includes donating and featuring Allura products and materials and attending the initial planning meetings for the project. With access to the data and performance of the building, Allura is not only able to help make the KB Home ProjeKt a success, but also able to make better decisions going forward about their own materials and how people can use them to create flexible, healthy designs of their own.

Just as KB Home will be using the data and experience from the concept home to further future projects, Allura is able to do the same. This not only helps in the success of the current project, but also in the success of future buildings and the lives of the people who will be purchasing them and living within them.

Check Out the KB Home ProjeKt

kb home projekt

By continually pushing the envelope of what is expected within a new home, KB Home is able to raise the bar industry wide. Designers, builders, and home buyers will be able to benefit from these findings, which in turn will benefit generations to come. Be sure to follow the results of the KB Home ProjeKt to capture these innovations for yourself.

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