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Choosing the right lap siding is a concerted act of finding a balance between maintenance, good looks and durability. When it comes to traditional materials such as brick, stucco, vinyl or wood, you have to choose one or two of these. But with fiber cement lap siding, though, a resilient mix of cement and wood pulp, you can get advantages all four and more. It is the siding that combines the advanced performance of masonry with simple upkeep and fire- and rot-resistant properties with the look of shingles, clapboards, stone or brick.

Stephen Alexander

Stephen Alexander is a multigenerational custom home builder that has been building the highest quality neighborhoods in Coastal Virginia for many years. As trusted professionals, they only work with proven materials that can withstand the harshness of time and weather. They know that a home should protect its residents from the elements. A well-constructed home keeps families warm in winter and cool in summer. Stephen Alexander cannot control the weather, but they can choose materials they build homes with, and with Allura Lap Siding, they get both high design and high performance.

Besides resisting melting, fading, burning, rotting, cracking, and warping, Allura Lap Siding is also well-designed because home decisions are not solely made on durability, but also appearance. That is why there are a variety of textures and colors to offer more flexibility to clients. With over 20 color selections and different styles to choose from, Allura Lap Siding is designed so that no one will feel limited when conceiving a stylish, safe and easy to maintain home exterior.

Although fiber cement lap siding often looks like a wood siding, it can be created in many profiles. In all cases, it is a low maintenance product that holds paint for far longer than a traditional wood siding.


Fiber cement lap sidings are straighter than traditional siding, so less time is needed for installation. Lap siding is heavier than wooden siding but much more flexible. And it can be easily cut in any sized pieces needed for the job.

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Painted wood and other siding always look nice at the beginning. But since wood contracts and expands, the paint on it tends to peel and crack very fast, requiring frequent and complicated spot repairs to prevent it from looking old and sloppy. PVC has been popular, but it also has a lot of issues. For one, it is plastic, which makes it very susceptible to thermal movement, which can create buckling and gaps, and even protruding nail heads.

At Allura we know that in order to partner with well-known companies we need to innovate and maintain our leading positions in the fiber-cement industry. Therefore, we invest in research and development, with a huge emphasis on production efficiency and product quality to develop low maintenance and durable fiber cement products. We are also committed to green living and implement environmentally friendly solutions into our manufacturing processes and products. Our fiber cement lap siding, for example, contributes to the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design credits on everything we do.

With Allura fiber cement lap siding, Stephen Alexander quality homes will last the longest. We invented Allura fiber cement products for that purpose and remain committed to raising the quality bar for the whole industry.

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