7 Ideas for Designing a Modern Apartment Building Exterior

Modern apartment exteriors are built with a common goal in mind: attract residents with a space that is desirable and satisfying. Design plays a powerful role in creating a feeling that people associate with the space, which is why getting the apartment exterior right is absolutely essential. Color, texture, and other detailing will directly influence the apartment building’s ambiance, and thus the type of residents it will attract as well as the sense of community that will grow around it.

Though designers have different ideas on what an attractive apartment complex may look like, most will agree that exteriors should be built with modern materials that are equipped to last longer, with less maintenance. The stronger and more durable the exterior, the more the original beauty of the exterior design will last.

Modern siding materials are designed to meet today’s expectations of apartment exterior design, in a wide range of bold and classic colors, as well as unique textures and shapes that can be used to create striking apartment exteriors.

Modern design has transformed over the years, and there are now many unique ways to incorporate traditional and novel features into apartment exteriors. Take a look at seven refreshing ideas for modern apartment exteriors:

1. Blend Natural Elements with the Modern

Modern Apartment Exterior Design

A stronger connection to nature is something that is appearing across industries as companies seek to include eco-conscious trends, motifs, and production strategies into their products. For modern apartment exteriors, this inclusion of ‘old’ and ‘new’ is quite natural. Blending both modern and more natural elements is something that architects have been doing for years.

The trick is to find a new and refreshing way to do that. Modern apartment exteriors that excel at this often feature rustic elements, like siding with authentic-looking wood grain patterning, alongside modern elements, like bright colors or metallic accents. The result is a fresh, urban allure that still feels familiar.

2. Use Different Siding Styles and Gables to Fuse Old World Aesthetics into the Modern

Use Different Siding Styles and Gables to Fuse Old World Aesthetics into the Modern

Integrating different siding styles is another fresh approach to mixing familiar motifs into exciting modern designs. Notice how sleek architectural panels transition into classic lap siding as the architecture changes, effectively compartmentalizing different areas from the outside. This split is a good way to visually segment modern apartment exteriors, either to help emphasize a change in usage, such as dividing the balcony space from the corner apartment, or to signal a separation in units, which can help residents feel like their space is more private and independent from other units in the building. Adding Old World aesthetics like gables can also create a stronger sense of ‘home’ for modern apartment buildings — something that’s priceless in urban settings!

3. Be Bold with Exterior “Accent Walls”

Accent walls are a staple of interior design, but what about on the exterior? Using strong color profiles to create accent walls is a fantastic way to draw attention to and visually segment space on modern apartment exteriors. Sleek fiber cement panels provide a fast and easy way to pull off this unique style. Here, lime green panels pop against the crisp white borders.

No matter which secondary color is selected, be sure to include it as trim throughout the building to help create a sense of cohesion to the design.

4. Bring the Contemporary with Asymmetry

Symmetry is something that’s usually reserved for colonial, industrial, and Victorian-era architecture. Modern apartment exteriors are recognized for having a unique and refreshing interpretation of balance. In many cases, asymmetrical design is the secret weapon that helps modern apartment exteriors stand out.

Asymmetry can be achieved by playing with height (as it is here), overhangs, bump-outs, window placement, and texture. Even buildings that are structurally symmetrical can get an instant boost in contemporary flair by switching up the architectural panels to feature a shift in linear qualities. Notice how the color change also helps to emphasize the building’s asymmetry and make its intentionality clear.

5. Play with New, Extravagant Exterior Colors

Play with New, Extravagant Exterior Colors

Color is king in today’s modern market. Designers shouldn’t shy away from bold, extravagant color choices when it comes to designing modern apartment exteriors. One of the advantages of modern siding materials is that color is intentionally crafted to remain consistent year after year.

Even bright tones like fuschia and berry can make an appearance in modern exteriors — and they’re much easier to commit to when you know that they won’t require a ton of upkeep to maintain. These daring colors can be toned down with regimented lines and layouts that emphasize structure and bring a balanced look to the apartment exterior.

6. Minimalism is Both an Ancient and Modern Classic

Minimalism is Both an Ancient and Modern Classic

Sticking to a single color or streamlined layout is welcome for modern apartment exteriors, too, so long as the design is crisp and striking, like it is here with this highly textured gray exterior. Geometric motifs are a fantastic addition to minimalist apartment exteriors, as they fuse ancient and modern design principles in a pure and evocative way.

7. Transitional Design Continues to Wow

Transitional Design Continues to Wow

Reimagining traditional elements is a consistent theme in modern design. Here, wood-look shiplap is used alongside architectural panels to create striking yet harmonious contrast. Rivets along the shiplap mirror the slightly industrial-inspired design and ease the transition between siding surfaces.

Selecting heavy-duty siding materials is key to making your modern apartment building exteriors last. Contact Allura today to explore a wide range of siding products that can bring these refreshing modern designs to life.

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