The Top 25 Best DIY Home Improvement Blogs

Home improvement doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. However, you might believe the opposite to be true. Home improvement isn’t limited to only what you see on TV or read on the internet. You can go DIY when it comes to improving your home and get it right.

The best part is that it doesn’t require much effort or expense on your part. All you need is some creativity and a bit of hard work, and you are good to go. That being said, DIY home improvement ideas can be sometimes hard to find. You keep racking your brain and yet are unable to come up with anything worthwhile.

Well, if you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic. You don’t actually have to brainstorm to uncover ideas that you can implement to recreate your space.

Here, we will profile the 25 best DIY home improvement blogs that you can consult to find ideas and tips that will help you save money without compromising on quality. Of course, you cannot just blindly accept what we offer, and thus we will be covering the people who are the brains behind these great blogs.

This way, you can get an idea of what they offer and how they can help you change your perspective on great home improvement.

Best Home Improvement Blogs for DIY Inspiration

Without further ado, let’s delve straight into our profile on the 25 best DIY home improvement blogs. By the end of it, you will surely be able to get great ideas on improving your home without requiring any professional assistance (though that is totally up to you).

1. Designer Trapped

Designer Trapped

Many people are stuck in a career that they excel at, but which is not their true calling. This is true of Tasha, the lady behind Designer Trapped. According to her, she is a ‘designer trapped in a lawyer’s body’. Through her blog, she shares her ideas and experiences related to home improvement.

Her forte is interior design and home renovation, completely DIY and on the cheap. She recently gave up her law practice to blog full-time, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of her decision!

2. Centsation Style


Want to spruce up the look and feel of your bedroom? Do you want to do it affordably? Affordability and great home improvement ideas merge perfectly when Kate Riley, the eponymous Centsation Style, blogs.

Her blog is focused entirely on ransacking the market, the areas which few dare explore, to find items that are priced low but will add some zing to your interiors.

She also shares ideas on how you can redesign your home, completely DIY and with all the guidance you will need! The Centsation Style is also a lawyer turned blogger, like Designer Trapped.

3. Your Paint Advisor


Betty, the passionate creator behind Your Paint Advisor, invites you on a colorful journey through the realms of paint and design, simplifying the process to help you find the perfect colors for your space.

She blends her love for design with a dash of magic, making every design choice an exciting adventure and every room a canvas waiting to tell its story.

4. Remodelaholic

The name says it all, Remodelaholic is a family-run blog with a focus on repurposing and recycling materials to create great home improvement projects. The extensive layout of the blog also covers recipes and other home decoration ideas in addition to the projects the founders work.

Currently, they are in the process of remodeling a home and we loved finding out how they go about it. Not to forget, their tutorial videos are creative and offer great insight. Remodelaholic really teaches us how to remodel on a budget without having to cut corners.

5. Our Fifth House

Our Fifth House

Remember when we said home improvement doesn’t have to be complicated? That is the mantra Carmel swears by. Carmel is the heart and soul of Our Fifth House. A hands-on mom, she loves indulging herself in DIY home improvement projects, and for our benefit and to our utmost pleasure, she decided to share them via her blog.

Our Fifth House is a treasure trove of simple yet brilliant ideas on sprucing up your home or adding new features that add to its appeal. Give it a shot and you will be hooked!

6. Migonis Home


The Migonis clan virtually welcomes us into their home through their blog. Fostering a passion for transformation and makeovers, their blog is a goldmine as far as DIY home improvement ideas go. You can get ideas to update your living room as well as find tips for craft projects they have completed.

Not to mention, there are some handy tips on managing your family as well, though that’s something for another day. And they are even running a series on decorating your home for the holiday season without breaking the bank! We love them for that.

7. MerryPad

Merry Pad

MerryPad was founded by Emily and Pete, who are home improvement enthusiasts. Having worked on a number of DIY projects on their own home, they branched out to help other people design their homes in an affordable and DIY manner.

Their projects are documented on their blog, which you can check out to gain inspiration for projects that you might wish to undertake in your own home.

Moreover, you can also get in touch with Emily to discuss any projects you plan to work on and she will guide you in the right direction!

8. Holly and Martin

Holly and Martin

Holly and Martin was founded by, well, Holly and Martin. The adorable couple has based their relationship on love and thrifty shopping, and they share all their great ideas and adventures with the world through their blog. They provide a ton of information and tips on home improvement and redesigning your home using items that cost no more than a cup of coffee.

From home offices to kitchens, their blog is extensive in terms of scope and you can find all the tips and tricks you need to update and upgrade your living space while staying within budget.

9. Sweet C Designs

Sweet C Designs was set up at the turn of the decade by Courtney, a DIY home improvement enthusiast. Initially, she used her blog as a means of getting in touch with likeminded women but branched out into a full-fledged home improvement blogger.

On her blog, she shares ideas, designs, and the projects she keeps working on. She has vast experience of working as a designer and she also shares other fun stuff on her blog, including the recipes for her favorite foods. She also writes about travel and photography.

10. Monica Wants It

Monica Wants

Monica Wants It and she gets it every time, much like her namesake from Friends. Monica has been blogging actively for over 7 years and her blog offers great insight into the mind of the great DIY home improvement pro that she is.

Despite having worked with major home design brands over the years, her focus is on easy and unfussy design, the ideas and experiences of which she shares with us through her blog. Her sense of humor shines through in her projects and makes us love her all the more!

11. Old Town Home

Old Town Home

Do you wish to flip a home? Redesigning and renovating an old home can be expensive, but not if you rely on Alex and Wendy to guide you. The founders of Old Town Home are pro flippers and have been renovating since 2003, when they redesigned their home.

Their blog is manna from heaven for you if you are looking for detailed advice and ideas for flipping and renovating. The generous twosome even shares their projects and tutorials on their blog that you can access and get inspired by.

12. Life Over Easy

Life Over Easy is more than just a blog about DIY home improvement. The ladies behind the blog, Nads and Dani, share their ideas, perspectives, and thoughts related to anything and everything. Particularly of interest are their home related design projects that capture the eye and inspire you to come up with some creative ideas of your own (we sure were inspired).

They also share recipes, fashion related stuff, and much more, making Life Over Easy a window into the lives of Nads and Dani.

13. Crafty Little Gnome

Crafty Little Gnome

Adrienne is a jewelry artist first and foremost, but she has an interesting perspective on DIY design, which she shares on her blog, Crafty Little Gnome. She shares all the projects she works on related to home décor and crafts, including items you can make to hang our place outside your home.

You will also find tons of ideas related to the holiday season, which is a bonus. You can get inspiration from Adrienne to make things that will beautify your home, of course completely DIY.

14. Homeroad


Homeroad is the passion project of Susan, mother of 4 and grandmother of 1. Her focus is on repurposing items and turning them into stuff that you can use for decorating your home and sprucing up the look and feel of your homes. From coffee stations to vases, her range is as vast as could be possible.

According to her, she is on a mission to provide inspiration for DIY design. To that effect, she also shares tutorials that you can check out to get some ideas and inspiration.

15. Dream Green DIY

Dream Green DIY

Dream Green DIY was founded by Carrie Waller. The blog is focused on crafting and lifestyle ideas that you can complete DIY. What sets Waller apart from other DIY home improvement bloggers is her focus on the changing trends in home design and décor.

She sources items that most people would discard or throw away and turns them into pieces that are fit to adorn the shelves or walls of the most beautiful homes. Surely, you will get plenty of inspiration from Carrie Waller through her blog.

16. Sew Woodsy


From card making to woodworking, Sew Woodsy is all about creating, crafting, and designing. The husband and wife team behind the blog, Katie & Jon Jasiewicz, are constantly coming up with new ideas to share with us, providing in-depth tips and suggestions that are easy to implement.

They also share detailed tutorials that you can go through and become a semi-pro DIY designer. From painting to sewing, whatever captures your fancy, there is a good chance that the Jasiewiczs blog about it on Sew Woodsy.

 17. Decor Hacks


Looking for easy and cheap décor hacks? Well, what better place to find them than Décor Hacks! The blog features an ever-growing number of ideas that you can try at home to add some oomph and sparkle from time to time.

The best part is that all their projects are easy to handle on your own and won’t cost you more than you can afford. This is the blog to consult if you wish to enhance the décor of your home without your projects making a dent in your wallet.

18. Refresh Restyle

Refresh Restyle

Do you plan to refresh and restyle the interior of your home? Perhaps Debbie at Refresh Restyle can provide the inspiration you are looking for. Debbie loves painting and uses her brush to paint over items and even furniture, upgrading it to something better and more visually appealing.

But that’s not all, as she indulges in all sorts of design and craft projects, which you can find on her blog. Go through the sheer number of projects she has completed so far and you will surely find something that inspires you to start crafting.

19. Remodelicious

Remodelicious is all about improving the space you live in. From ideas for remodeling to simple craft projects, you will find a wide range of ideas and projects on this blog. From optimizing your work space to improving shoe storage, you can get information on anything and everything related to DIY home improvement projects on Remodelicious.

We had a blast checking out the projects. The blog also publishes guest posts from time to time from DIY home improvement experts. We well and truly believe that Remodelicious is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

20. Balancing Home

Balancing Home

Balancing Home captures the story of DIY enthusiast Megan. Happily married and mom of 4, she welcomes you into her world through her blog. She has worked on a number of projects, ranging from simply crafts to eye-catchy décor. Her husband, a professional designer, helps her out with creating what she dreams up and she shares what they create with us through her blog.

A truly gifted and talented individual, we couldn’t ask more of Megan than what she has given us via Balancing Home (and you will love her too).

21. A Design Story


Lindsay worked as a professional interior designer before she decided to become a stay at home mom and full-time blogger, and we couldn’t be happier. Through A Design Story, Lindsay has shared her ideas and projects with the world.

Her professional experience truly comes to the fore in the way she highlights her projects and it actually proves helpful to budding DIY designers. You will find a lot of tips and ideas that will definitely come in handy when you start working on your own projects.

22. Delightfully Tacky

Delightfully Tacky covers home décor and DIY projects in a unique and fun way. We assure there is nothing even remotely tacky about Delightfully Tacky. You can learn a lot about setting up and completing DIY projects on a budget and without compromising on creativity or style.

The blog also features sections on Style and Hair + Beauty, should that capture your fancy. Speaking of DIY home improvement projects, Delightfully Tacky is definitely delightful and you will have a great time going through the projects shared on the blog.

23. View Along The Way


If you want to excel at DIY home improvement, you have to throw the rulebook out of the window, and that’s what you will learn from View Along the Way. A lot of experimentation and trial and error goes into the projects featured on the blog but as is evident, all of them turn out perfectly.

That is surely a piece of advice you are unlikely to find on any other DIY home improvement blog. From décor projects to simple DIY hacks, View Along the Way is a treat. Plus, Kelly, the founder of the blog, even shared how her family paid off their home!

24. DIY Projects


Dave Mathews (not the singer) and Lauren J merged their websites and created DIY Projects, perhaps the most aptly named DIY design blog of all. The couple keeps looking out for new DIY project ideas that they then share with the world after completing them on their own.

What we get are a ton of ideas that blow the mind and make our creative juices flow. From home renovation to décor to simple craft projects, you will find many ideas and projects that you can be inspired by!

25. DIY Louisville


DIY Louisville was initially a fun project for Julee Lair, the founder, where she discussed ideas with friends. However, her considerable talent ensured her blog has become much more than that. DIY Louisville is the hub around which Julee comes up with new ideas, executes them, and then shares them with DIY home improvement buffs.

You will learn a lot about crafting items that are pleasing to the eye and yet are easy on the pocket, which is what great DIY home improvement is all about, isn’t it!

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