5 1960’s Ranch Style Exterior Color Schemes

Are you looking to infuse some retro charm into your ranch-style home? The 1960s brought us some of the most iconic and vibrant exterior color schemes the design world has ever known. That’s why many of those colors are still celebrated today!

Let’s explore how you can bring these classic looks into the 21st century with the durable and stylish options available from Allura’s fiber cement siding colors.

Appreciating the Aesthetic of 1960’s Ranch-Style Homes

In the 1950s and 1960s, the ranch-style home took the world by storm because it offered something people desperately wanted—a blend of simplicity, accessibility, and connection to the outdoors. In addition, ranch-style homes were characterized by long, low profiles, and large windows, which were designed to create comfortable, spacious living.

While those features played a role in why ranch-style homes became popular in following years, the color schemes of the homes also played a significant role in their appeal, offering a wide range of vibrant and earthy tones that mirrored the spirit of the times, which drew further attraction from other homebuyers.

The popularity of ranch-style homes during the 1960s wasn’t just a fleeting trend; it marked a significant shift in residential architecture.

Even today, homeowners are drawn to the practical and aesthetic appeal of ranch-style homes because they often feature open floor plans, attached garages, an emphasis on backyard living, and beautiful exterior colors!

A Modern Take on Ranch-Style Homes

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Ranch-style homes are experiencing a resurgence in popularity as homeowners rediscover the timeless appeal and versatility of their architectural style. Modern ranch homes embrace the classic elements that made the original designs so popular while also incorporating contemporary design trends and materials.

Products like the fiber cement siding from Allura offer the perfect blend of durability and style that allows homeowners to capture the spirit of the 1960's while also making sure that their homes are strong enough to withstand the elements as well as normal wear and tear for years to come.

Why Are Ranch-Style Homes Making a Comeback?

The return to ranch-style living is a small part of a broader trend leaning into simplicity, functionality, and sustainability. Homeowners appreciate the ease of single-story living and the natural flow that ranch homes provide. With the added benefits of Allura’s fiber cement siding, including its resistance to fire, moisture, and pests, it’s easier than ever to achieve a modern take on the classic ranch look.

5 Colors Found in 1960’s Ranch-Style Homes

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The 1960s were all about bold colors and experimenting with palettes that stood out. So, let’s dive into five colors that defined the decade and how they can be used today with Allura’s wide color selection.

1. Bright Red

Bright red was a statement color in the 1960s that symbolized energy and passion. Transforming the exterior of a ranch-style home with a vibrant red can recreate the boldness of that era. Allura’s Toile Red fiber cement siding captures this classic color without overwhelming the eye by offering a durable and eye-catching option for homeowners that are looking to make a statement!

2. Aquamarine

Aquamarine brings a cool, refreshing vibe to the exterior of a ranch-style home. It is the perfect color for any homeowner looking to capture the optimism and creativity of the 1960s. Allura’s Niebla Azul is an ideal match for this retro color that provides a modern twist on a classic look.

3. Pastels

Pastels were all the rage in the 1960'ss that offered a softer alternative to the bold colors. Allura’s Macadamia is a beautiful pastel option that adds a touch of bright elegance and warmth to the exterior of a ranch-style home. This color perfectly embodies the best of the 60s style with the added benefits of durability and quality that come with fiber cement siding.

4. Brown

Brown shades, especially those with a warm undertone, were popular for creating a natural, earthy look in the 1960s. Allura’s Virtual Taupe is a modern take on this classic color that provides a rich and inviting exterior color option that complements home’s connection to its natural surroundings. This is also an excellent option for any homeowner who wants to feel closer to the outdoors.

5. Dark Green

Dark green was another favorite color option in the 1960s, and like the brown hues, was used to harmonize with the landscape and add depth to the home’s exterior. Olive Grove by Allura is a nod to this traditional color scheme that is a deep, lush green that can enhance a ranch-style home’s outdoor feel while also providing the lasting benefits of fiber cement siding.

Transform Your Ranch-Style Home with 1960s-Inspired Colors from Allura

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Embracing the vibrant and earthy colors of the 1960s can transform your ranch-style home into a beautiful example of modern home design. With Allura’s fiber cement siding, you can access a palette of colors that offer both the classic appeal of the 60'ss and the durability and performance needed for today’s homes.

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