The 3 Best Siding Materials for Kansas Homes

Finding the best siding for a house in Kansas is simple, so long as you know what to look for. Kansas homes have a unique aesthetic that puts certain siding styles and colors a step ahead of the rest. But more importantly, material composition can make a huge difference when determining the best siding for a house in Kansas.

Which siding material and style is best for your Kansas home – and which traditional material should you avoid? Continue reading to find out.

From Farm to Town, Tradition Defines the Kansas Aesthetic

From the city bungalows in Wichita to the humble homesteads dotting the Great Plains, Kansas has a rich aesthetic rooted in authenticity and tradition. Even modern designs tend to pay homage to the traditions of Kansas building techniques and styles, which are primarily centered around wood-based compositions and farm styles.

To define the Kansas aesthetic as a farmhouse style would be overly simplistic, yet there are certainly a lot of elements that can be traced back to the ranch homes and barn structures that are so commonly found on family farms. Exterior designs today reflect a reverence for those unique origins, yet more durable, weather-resistant materials, fresh color palettes, and distinct siding styles have led to major upgrades in the modernization of the Kansas home aesthetic.

Board and Batten: An Ode to Kansas Siding Traditions

Board and batten is one of the most popular styles in Kansas – for both old, historic homes being renovated, and new homes being built from the ground up. Board and batten features a vertical layout of thin battens along each seam where the vertical panels meet.

This age-old building technique was originally adapted as a way to reinforce wood panels and improve the energy efficiency of barn structures. Easy, affordable, and an improvement over basic wood paneling, board and batten became incredibly common in the early days of Kansas history.

The aesthetic value of board and batten has managed to keep this siding style desirable, even as new materials and exterior building techniques have been introduced. The highly textured appearance of board and batten, as well as its history of being used on ranches and farms across the country, can enhance the look of modern homes as well, by giving them a distinct character – as well as serving as a nod to this traditional style.

Worst Siding Materials for Kansas Homes

Kansas weather can throw all sorts of curveballs at homeowners. Humid summers, heavy precipitation, wind, and extreme weather events are pretty commonplace in Kansas, which means close attention should be paid to the durability and quality of exterior house siding.

Though it may come as a surprise given its traditional use, wood is perhaps one of the worst siding materials for Kansas homes. Wood can deteriorate rapidly in a midwestern climate, whether it splits, hollows, and weakens from dry rot, or it warps and buckles with humidity and wind. Vinyl is another siding material that comes with significant risks. Unlikely to hold up in the Kansas climate for long, damaged or deteriorating vinyl can compromise the structural integrity and aesthetic value of a home’s exterior.

The good news is that Kansas homeowners have modern materials to choose from that embrace all the traditional styles that make the midwest so distinct – all while getting a more durable, long lasting product that is capable of withstanding a tricky Kansas climate.

Top 3 List of Best Siding for a House in Kansas

Fiber cement is a superior material to wood and a much more suitable choice for Kansas homes. Because of its distinct durability, strong composition, and long lasting color clarity, fiber cement is the best siding material for a house in Kansas.

Here are three fiber cement styles that honor the traditional aesthetic of Kansas homes while offering modern durability and protection for the home.

1. 8” Groove Vertical Panel with Wood Grain Texture

A photo of groove vertical panel with wood grain that could be used as siding for Kansas homes

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The fiber cement style is a modern ode to the traditional board and batten style that is popular in Kansas. Realistic wood grain patterns bring an authentic appearance to this siding style, while the fiber cement composition ensures better strength and durability to continue looking great year after year.

2. Traditional Lap with Wood Grain Texture

A photo of traditional lap with wood grain siding for Kansas homes

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Another popular style that can be seen in the country and in the city, lap siding features a horizontal layout with a traditional appearance. Lap looks great in any color, and gives Kansas homeowners plenty of room to get creative with designs.

3. Shake Select with Straight Edge and Wood Grain Texture

A photo of shake select with straight edge and wood grain texture used for siding for Kansas homes

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The shake style looks just like hand-hung shingles, but the installation process is so much faster and easier. It honors a farmhouse aesthetic while providing the enhanced durability of modern fiber cement materials.

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