The 3 Best Siding Materials for Virginia Homes

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Hot summers and moderately cold winters – Virginia has a humid, tricky climate with all of its varied geography that requires a house siding with particular strength and weather resistance. This article compares three of the best siding materials for Virginia homes and points out the importance of getting the right material for the task.

Siding That Stands Up to Virginia Climate

Positioned along the Atlantic and studded with the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia is a popular destination for people from all walks of life. In addition to being home to excellent universities, a thriving art scene, and an abundance of outdoor entertainment options, Virginia is appealing to more than just families and young adults. Retirees and individuals looking to have a vacation home in the mountain areas while still being somewhat close to a beach retreat on the coast.

The climate can make maintaining a home tricky – that is, unless you build with the best materials for the job. In Virginia, Winters are typically mild and humid, while summers can be excessively hot, humid, and sunny.

These various conditions pose unique threats to exterior house siding, namely the humidity. A standard siding simply won’t do – or won’t last very long without maintenance work. Rather, the best siding for Virginia homes must be versatile, with adequate durability to hold up under wet and windy conditions, with color clarity that can withstand direct sunlight, and with resistance to moisture damage.

These requirements rule out a lot of traditional siding options. Wood, for example, can buckle, dry rot, and peel in the heat of a Virginian summer. Vinyl – also known to warp in extreme temperatures – can provide the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew when moisture lingers too long. Instead, a low-maintenance material that offers adaptable durability is key when choosing the best siding for Virginia houses.

Popular Siding Styles for Virginia Homes

Aesthetics are important, too! In most cases, the less durable the siding, the more upkeep will be needed to maintain its original allure. Painting, staining, and resurfacing the siding can be costly, so it’s best to choose a material that’s capable of keeping its good looks – with as little work needed!

Virginia is considered a very desirable state to build a house in. The Blue Ridge Mountains and Appalachian Mountains regions are home to vibrant mountain communities and property values are relatively stronger than many other states, so homes should be outfitted according to modern tastes and express strong attention to trends and styles. In other words, creating great curb appeal is important in Virginia – and attractive siding is a big part of that.

Top 3 Best Siding Materials for Virginia Homes

Looking for the best siding for Virginian homes? When considering the unique climate, these are all great options:

1. Faux Wood Siding

Wood has a natural look that fits in well with the landscape in Virginia – especially for cabins, A-frames, and bungalows built in the mountains. However, natural wood can deteriorate quickly in Virginia, so it’s best to opt for a modern material alternative.

There are many products that are crafted to imitate the authentic look of wood but offer greater durability and a longer lifespan. Consider going with a modern faux wood siding when building cabins and lodges in Virginia.

2. Stone Veneer

Stone also taps into the natural aesthetic that’s so common in both the mountain and other regions of the state. Stone veneer is good for adding strength and durability to the outside of the home, and the veneer format makes it easier to install than traditional masonry techniques. Natural stone veneer provides good durability and is an ideal aesthetic for Virginia.

3. Fiber Cement Siding


Fiber cement is another great choice – especially if you’re looking for versatile styles with exceptional color clarity. Fiber cement has a unique composition of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers that make it a powerhouse building material that’s super strong. Ideal for standing up to mild winters and hot, humid summers, fiber cement is available in many attractive styles to design a unique Virginian home.

Beautiful & Strong – Allura Fiber Cement is Ideal for Virginian Homes

Super durable and weather resistant, fiber cement is the best siding for Virginia homeowners to consider when remodeling the exterior or building from the ground up.

Designed to be incredibly easy to install, Allura fiber cement siding is a low-maintenance option that saves time and money in the long run. It keeps your home looking great – even in the sunny and humid Virginian climate.

The styles that are offered provide plenty of creative potential so your home stands out and feels unique – while keeping up with trends and styles that are seen in the Virginia home market.

Allura has a full spectrum of attractive colors for its pre-finished siding, and whether you want a classic look with smooth lap, a rustic facade that imitates charming cedar shake, or perhaps a contemporary architectural panel design, Allura has all the siding products you need to craft a beautiful home – one that stays beautiful season after season.

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