4 Best Siding Materials for Colorado Homes

Colorado has some of the most breathtaking landscapes and natural spaces in the U.S., but with the pretty postcard scenery also comes damaging weather conditions, like hailstorms, blizzards and UV exposure. These conditions can take a toll on building exteriors that aren’t properly equipped for the Colorado climate.

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Finding the best siding for Colorado homes depends on a homeowner’s ability to assess a product’s capacity for long-term performance – through the sunshine and the storms.

The good news: identifying the best siding for Colorado is quite simple once you know what to look for. With a comparison of materials and specific siding products to consider, this article provides a simple guide for finding the best siding for your Colorado home.

3 Easy Steps: Find the Best Siding for Your Colorado Home

When renovating, form and function are typically the building blocks of a great product. In other words, the materials you select for your home should be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Affordability also comes into play, as most homeowners are working within a precise budget for home renovations.

1. Appearance

Colorado homes run the gamut when it comes to aesthetic style. Rustic cabin exteriors are quite popular as a nod to Colorado’s ranching and mountaineering traditions, but you can also find sleek, modern designs in dynamic urban centers like Denver and Colorado Springs. Siding helps to create the first impression folks get when visiting a home, so appearance should be a significant consideration.

2. Durability

Durability often depends on the weather, since it is a common source of strain for exterior building materials. The best siding for Colorado homes certainly requires a higher level of quality and durability to withstand the snow, rain, wind, and sun exposure that is characteristic of this region.

3. Affordability

Cost is another factor that should be accounted for. However, don’t fall for the lowest sticker price. Assessing affordability really comes down to determining the overall value of the siding product. A cheaper siding product that is likely to deteriorate and require replacement sooner isn’t providing value. Repair work, upkeep, and longevity can play a role in determining the overall cost and affordability of siding – not just the price tag.

A Quick Comparison of Siding Materials

Most homeowners look for siding that will last several decades with minimal repair work. Using these three elements – appearance, durability and affordability – can be a great start for finding the best siding for Colorado homes.

The longevity of siding also depends on the conditions to which it will be exposed. Siding that may hold up fine in a mild climate like Southern California is not likely to respond the same in a region that gets significant snowfalls, hailstorms, and more dramatic temperature swings.

1. Wood

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With unique grain patterns, wood has a gorgeous authenticity that makes it a beautiful choice for Colorado homes. Wood is certainly exceptional for appearance; however, it ranks poorly for durability and affordability. Wood is one of the most high-maintenance options and requires significant attention and repair to keep its original appearance. Water damage, flammability, and termites also pose additional threats that can speed up deterioration.

2. Vinyl

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Vinyl is a favorite for homeowners on a budget since it’s easy to get at a fairly cheap price. However, the lifespan of vinyl siding is quite short since it’s susceptible to impact damage and buckling, which should cause homeowners to reevaluate the actual affordability of vinyl. Another reason it’s not the best siding for Colorado is the fact that it tends to fade with sun exposure – and Colorado gets over 300 days of sunshine a year!

3. Aluminum

Aluminum siding is very durable, yet it can dent easily with hail – something Colorado homeowners should keep in mind. Another issue with aluminum is that its appearance isn’t quite as desirable as other siding options.

4. Fiber Cement

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Fiber cement siding can last up to 50 years or more with little to no maintenance. Because of its durability, homeowners won’t need to pour money into the upkeep of fiber cement. It’s intentionally designed to retain its original appearance, and with plenty of styles to choose from, including wood-inspired designs, fiber cement ranks highly for appearance as well.

Best Siding Selections for Colorado Homes

Ready to see the best siding for Colorado homes? Here are some beautiful siding options that are perfect for Colorado:

Traditional Fiber Cement Lap Siding with Wood Grain Pattern

Lap is a timeless style that can be used in urban or remote settings. The wood grain pattern has been carefully crafted to mimic the appearance of milled wood that’s been freshly painted, but since this product is fabricated from fiber cement, it delivers a level of durability that wood can’t offer.

Shake Shingles in Natural Brown or Red Tones

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Shake shingles in rich red and brown tones are perfect for creating a cozy Colorado cabin. Installation is much faster than traditional shake since these shingles are crafted from fiber cement panels.

Vertical Grooved Panels for Board and Batten Style

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Board and batten features a vertical orientation for a distinct style. Unlike traditional wood, fiber cement board and batten is equipped to stand up to the snow and wind that’s common in Colorado.

Smooth Lap Siding with Low-Gloss Matte Finish

Another classic choice, this fiber cement smooth lap siding features a matte finish to create a stylish appearance that eliminates the distracting glossiness that’s so common in vinyl siding.

Choosing the Right Siding for Colorado Homes with Allura

Fiber cement siding provides exceptional durability, affordability, and appearance, and it is the best siding for Colorado homes.

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