When is the Best Time to Paint the Exterior of a House?

There’s never a perfect time to paint the exterior of a house, but there are certainly some seasons and conditions to avoid. Some conditions can actually make painting the exterior a somewhat dangerous task as well.

Before you suit up in your painter’s bibs and haul out the ladder, think about your setting and situation so you can pick the best time to paint the house exterior.

Paint Frequency Depends on the Siding Material


First things first – does your house need to be painted? If you have a prefinished siding material, it may not even need paint! If you have wood, vinyl, or stucco siding, then there’s a good chance that the house exterior will need a quality touch-up every so often.

The wood species used and the type of paint and presence of a sealer will determine how long it lasts. For average species, a fresh coat of paint might be required every 5 years. Vinyl is produced in the desired color, meaning it's not painted. While this is a benefit in some regards, once the color starts to fade, there is little be done to correct it beyond replacement.

Seasonal Challenges


Once you’ve established that your siding needs to be painted, it’s on to the next question: When is the best time to paint a house? The fact that you’re wondering this is a good sign – some homeowners don’t even consider that environmental factors can get in the way and pose a threat to a nice paint job!

Seasonal factors are the first thing to consider. If your region experiences all four seasons, then you’ll want to realize that summer and early fall can be the best time to paint a house exterior. With that said, overly hot days during summer can be tough on contractors and cause dehydration, heat exhaustion, and sunburn. Picking a day with a moderate temperature is ideal.

Spring can also be a good time to paint a house because of the generally cooler temps and generous sunshine. However, you’ll need to dodge the rainy days in order to get a clean paint job. Though most exterior house paints are designed to be dry to the touch within 12 hours, it’s best to have a window of 5 or 6 six dry days to let it dry entirely before it is exposed to rain, snow, or other precipitation.

Though dry spring days, cool summer days, and early fall days are considered the best times to paint a house, there’s nothing to stop you from painting if you get a beautiful sunny day in the middle of winter! Though winter can be tricky for planning purposes, as long as the conditions are right, you can get the job done.

Other Weather Conditions That Can Get in the Way


Beyond the four seasons, there are some unique conditions you’ll want to stay in tune with. Pay attention to the local weather forecast to determine the risk factors of these additional elements:


The early bird may catch the worm, but it’s no good if you start painting before the dew dries! Rushing to get the job done and painting over dew can compromise the coloration and the finish when painting siding. Springtime paint jobs pose the biggest risk for this, so be sure to note the humidity when planning to paint. The dew will need to dry up entirely so you have a dry surface to work with.


Lots of DIY-ers overlook the wind factor when determining the best time to paint the exterior of a house. Not only does wind make the task of painting more dangerous, but it can also thrust debris at the exterior, and compromise the paint job.

Pollen, Leaves and Other Air Quality Issues

In addition to the wind, you’ll also need to stay in tune with the air quality forecasts to know if any other elements can get in the way on the big day. Anything that is measurable and floats through the air – including dust, pollen, smoke, and leaves – has the potential to land on wet paint and mess with its appearance.

Skip Painting with Prefinished Fiber Cement

Planning the best time to paint the exterior of a house can be a balancing act – you’ve got to think of safety issues as well as all the conditions that can compromise a high-quality paint job. The easy alternative is to skip painting altogether!

Prefinished fiber cement siding eliminates the need for homeowners to plan the best time to paint a house, which saves time, money and stress. Designed with a factory-quality finish that lasts much longer than over-the-counter retail paints, prefinished fiber cement siding from Allura is an excellent option for homeowners who value products that maintain their original appearance without the need for extra upkeep.

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