7 Stunning Blue House Siding Ideas

No matter what region you live in, there are some colors of houses that are nearly universally popular, such as the many shades of blue. Blue is a versatile color that works well on several architectural styles, and has enough shades ranging from vivid to nearly gray to have something to offer everyone.

Blue House Siding Design Ideas

If you’re considering siding your home in a shade of blue, take a look at these 7 blue house siding ideas to find some inspiration for your façade.

1. Understated Color

When many people think of the color blue, they may be assuming that the house will be deep or dark in color, but that doesn’t have to be the case. This beautiful home is done in a light, sky blue with a crisp white trim. The use of the white throughout the exterior helps to set off the color and keep it from getting too saturated, which might obscure some of its features. The end result keeps the tone of the architecture light, avoiding the dark or heavy look so common with older homes.

2. By the Coast

If you have a property located near the coast, consider using a deeper shade of blue to call the color of the ocean to mind. This darker blue uses the same white trim, but gets very different results. In this case, the home appears more sedate and comfortable, while some decorative shingles beneath the roofline help to give it some depth. The result is a beach cottage that looks anything but weathered by the elements.

3. Multi-Tonal Color

Some shades of blue, such as the Coastal Blue shown here, are easily affected by the colors and light around them. In this case, the surrounding greenery and light, paired with the bold red doors and black shutters helps to mellow the color toward gray, giving the house a lot of depth and dimension in color. Many shades of blue are sensitive to things like sunlight and shadow; to find the best fit for your home, you may want to take a look at some samples in the light your home will be facing to find the color’s true shade.

4. Moody Blues

Other shades of blue, such as the Pacific Blue shown here, border more closely on gray than a true, saturated blue tone. This is the perfect color for those that want something a little more interesting than a straight gray on their homes, but don’t necessarily want to commit to a bold color. To help make the color pop a bit more, the rest of the tones on the home are kept monochromatic with black shutters, white trim, and a gray roof, completing the illusion that the house has a more sedate color than it actually does.

5. Beautiful Contrast

Homes that use a mixture of materials on their façade, such as this brickwork, need to have a color that will help the other materials stand out. While blue and brick aren’t exactly complementary shades, they stand far enough apart on the color wheel to help ensure that the two colors will pop against one another. At the same time, blue isn’t so far apart from the brick tone to actually cause the colors to visually vibrate against one another, giving you a lot of dimension and interest, but without the dramatic look that would detract from the architecture.

6. Relaxing Color

Of all the colors associated with moods or feelings, blue is the one color most commonly associated with relaxation and serenity. If you spend a lot of time outdoors on a porch or deck, consider painting your home’s exterior a rich, vivid blue using a smooth plank for the siding. Using a wide, smooth plank or panel lets the color show through with little shadow or variation, perfect for creating a backdrop to relaxing on your front porch.

7. Irregular Coloration

When most people are considering a color for their home’s exterior, it’s usually in conjunction with a traditional siding, such as a horizontal lap. Colors like blue, however, can be used on more than simply lap siding; they can also make a beautiful and unusual statement when used on other types of siding, such as these staggered edge shingles. The variation in size and shape of the shingles also adds some extra dimension and shade to the blue color. The result is a home exterior with a lot of character, as well as color.

Color Your Home Blue

With so many different shades and types of siding possible, the color blue is the perfect way to get the look you want for your home. Try on any of these ideas for size to get a home that’s rich in color and personality.

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