Home Color Options: Blue House Siding with White Trim

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the exterior color scheme for your home. You need to consider your architecture, your area, the amount of light your home gets, and your personal tastes. You also need to keep in mind that color has a big impact on the way that people perceive your home, so it’s important to choose a shade or color that will have nearly universal appeal as well.

Blue Siding with White Trim Examples

There are many popular color combinations that look good on a variety of homes and in a variety of areas and situations. Blue siding with white trim is one of them. This classic combo has widespread appeal, and with the many shades of blue available, you can customize the tone and shade to complement your property. Check out these blue homes with white trim to see some of the ways you can pair these colors to create a stunning and appealing design.

1. Light and Bright

blue siding with white trim

When many people think of the color blue, they often picture a darker hue. But blue can come in many different shades and tones, including light colors like this home. Paired with a bright white trim to show off the architectural properties of the building, this color really packs a punch. Together, the two colors make this home get noticed, but without making it too vivid or overwhelming for its area.

2. Classic Style

blue house siding white trim

This property has a very classic appearance, with a large front porch and decorative shingles beneath the eaves. It pairs these classic good looks with a big contrast between the siding and the trim. The siding and shingles are all painted the same rich, dark blue, while the trim is done in bright white. This makes the trim and porch stand out sharply against the siding, giving it a very crisp, clean look that pairs well with its style.

3. Multi-Toned

This home uses several accent colors against a Coastal Blue siding background. The size of the property and the amount of field color means that it needs something a little extra to spice it up. For that reason, some bold red accents and black shutters are used alongside a bright white trim. The combination of the three accent colors against the blue siding gives the property interest and depth that it might be lacking otherwise.

4. Clear Color

One way to show off the color of your home is to use a slightly wider than average siding plank. This home shows off its clear, Coastal Blue color on a wide horizontal lap siding. This lets the color really shine, so that when it comes up against the white trim, the two colors can make a bright and cheerful statement.

5. Shingle Dimension

When you’re considering the color of your home, remember to take into account how the color will look on the siding itself. This home doesn’t use a traditional lap siding but has an irregular shingle instead.

The rich blue color stands out well on the many shingles, letting their shadow cast a unique pattern. The bright white trim, therefore, adds a contrasting line as well as color that shows off the unique properties of the home, and makes a beautiful statement.

6. Subdued Shade

When you just want a hint of color on your home, consider using a shade of blue that has a gray undertone to it. Blue/gray siding has a more serious and somber look to it that gives you a lot of accent choices, such as this burgundy red door.

The white trim in this case helps keep the home from getting too dark. It lightens it up a little and provides a more dramatic contrast that can be very appealing on smaller homes.

Consider Blue Siding Paired with White Trim

There are many shades of blue that work well on the exterior of a home, particularly when paired with white trim. Consider using any of these combinations or create your own to show off your property in its best light.

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