What Is the Best Modern Farmhouse Board and Batten Siding?

Board and batten siding is an essential part of the modern farmhouse look. Did you know that there’s much more to modern farmhouse siding than basic board and batten siding? Times have changed, and there are awesome new approaches to making modern designs work effortlessly for the home.

Learn about the five essential elements your modern farmhouse needs to make the cut, as well as the best color combos and materials for modern farmhouse board and batten siding. Follow guidelines used by the pros and make your modern farmhouse board and batten siding project a complete success!

5 Essential Elements of Modern Farmhouse Home Exterior

One of these elements on its own isn’t quite enough to get the full effect of a modern farmhouse style. Combine two or three of these essential design components, and the home will be in a much better position to flaunt that farmhouse wow-factor.

1. Neutral Tone

Beige, tans, browns, and creams are all idyllic choices for modern farmhouse siding. No need to fret if these colors aren’t captivating your imagination on their own. Trim and texture are key to bringing emphasis to neutral siding tones, which leads to the next tip.

2. Board and Batten Design

Board and batten siding is so popular for modern farmhouse exteriors because it provides a satisfying texture without going over the top. The vertical lines of board and batten siding are typical to traditional barn buildings, bringing an authentic farmhouse look to modern homes.

3. Rustic Light Fixtures

Add ambiance with rustic light fixtures for a more cohesive farmhouse look. Polished brass, antique bronze, and brushed nickel are all great finishes to consider for outdoor light fixtures.

4. Front Porch

A covered front porch is another key to include for a farmhouse feel. Set up some rocking chairs, and the “welcome home” effect is multiplied.

5. Natural Accents

Including natural accents in the exterior has become wildly popular on all types of residential buildings. For modern farmhouses, sticking with wood, stone, or brick is the best bet for getting a natural, authentic look that isn’t overly polished.

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The Best Materials for Farmhouse Siding

Many exterior siding styles have kept their authentic appearance and charm, and the mechanics behind them have made great strides. Wood is no longer considered an adequate material for modern builds.

By utilizing smarter finishes, treatments, and production techniques, the building materials used on modern farmhouses do a much better job of providing adequate protection and long-lasting performance. With that said, there are still pros and cons to each.

These are the best materials for modern farmhouse siding:


Vinyl is a great material for DIY builders who want to tackle siding on their own. It is easy to work with and available in many colors; however, it can also be susceptible to mold growth and damage without routine maintenance.


A traditional siding material, metal siding is usually recyclable and energy-efficient. It is, however, more prone to surface dents than some other siding materials.

Fiber Cement

Outperforming other materials, fiber cement is a durable siding choice that is weather-resistant and low-maintenance. Since it requires little to no upkeep and offers enhanced strength, fiber cement is an excellent choice for modern farmhouse board and batten siding.

The Cost of Installing Farmhouse Board and Batten Siding

Individual panels for board and batten siding can cost anywhere between $0.75 and $10 per square foot, depending on the material selected. Fiber cement siding tends to be the most reasonable of the three materials highlighted above, costing between $0.75 and $5 per square foot. Vinyl runs between $2 and $7 per square foot, and metal ranges from $3 to $8 per square foot.

6 Modern Farmhouse Board and Batten Siding Designs

There are lots of ways to style modern farmhouse board and batten designs. Take a look at a few examples and find inspiration for your own home.

1. Black and White

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White board and batten siding is a classic look for farmhouse structures. Adding black trim and roofing is a great way to revitalize this iconic style. In addition, the black metal roofing and porch canopy bring extra flair for a fresh and current exterior aesthetic.

2. Bold and Bright Accents

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Neutral siding presents the perfect canvas for adding a pop of color in different areas. A bright red front door and patio cushions draw the eye toward the entryway. Meanwhile, a barn-style garage door echoes the farmhouse inspiration behind this modern abode.

3. Dual-Style Siding

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Lightly colored board and batten farmhouse siding also presents an excellent opportunity for playing with texture. Instead of creating a uniform exterior, divide the space in two or more segments by introducing another style, like shake or shingles.

4. Earth Tones

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A robust palette should feature multiple tones in the same color family. Earth tones incorporate many neutrals, like brown, taupe, and beige. Exploring this palette throughout various features, like board and batten siding, shutters, roofing, and foundation accents, is a great way to create a cohesive look.

5. Multi-Material Combinations

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Traditionally, stone often formed the foundation of barns and other farmhouse structures. Keeping stonework as part of the modern farmhouse design pays tribute to the origins of this architectural style in a fresh and contemporary way.

6. Dark Colored Siding

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Veering away from neutral tones, dark earthy colors, like maroon and forest green, also make for gorgeous board and batten siding on modern farmhouses. In these designs, white trim helps brighten the exterior and keeps the home in line with current styles.

The Best Way to Buy Modern Farmhouse Siding

Browsing board and batten siding online is the best way to find siding for a modern farmhouse because it allows you to see a wide range of colors and styles before making the right selection for your home.

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