5 Board and Batten Siding with Stone Design Ideas

Board and batten siding has an appearance that is perfect for creating unforgettable curb appeal. This popular siding style pairs naturally with stone elements to create exciting facades that run the gamut in terms of style. From rustic cabin exteriors to grandiose luxury residences, many unique aesthetic traditions can be brought to life using board and batten siding with stone details.

With modern materials now an option for board and batten siding, this traditional style is gaining even more traction. Fiber cement board and batten offers plenty of practical advantages, including durability, faster installation, and less maintenance.

Whether you’re thinking about getting fresh siding for an existing home or you’re planning a new construction project, look into the distinct styles possible for board and batten siding with stone.

What is Board and Batten Siding?

Board and batten siding is a prominent type of exterior cladding used on buildings, typically residential construction. It consists of wide vertical boards with narrower strips of wood (or other compatible material) that cover the seams between the boards. It creates a distinct exterior, and the alternating wide and narrow elements bring a customized “look” to the home.

Board and batten wall paneling has been used for ages, and is only continuing to grow in popularity as the construction technique is not only aesthetically appealing to potential and renovating homeowners, it also provides additional protection against harsh elements.

Board and Batten with Fiber Cement Siding

Traditional board and batten siding is constructed using wood. It gives a familiar, rustic aesthetic to the home. Unfortunately, wood tends to rot and warp. Wood board and batten siding also requires year-round maintenance to keep its original appearance.

When using traditional wood materials, board and batten doesn’t age very well, since water can infiltrate the seams easier, and can cause the siding pieces to expand, shift, and show noticeable signs of corrosion.

Board and batten can now be achieved by using modern materials, like fiber cement from Allura, which is more durable and requires less maintenance than traditional wood. Unlike wood, Allura’s fiber cement siding holds onto its color and appearance, and the board and batten design will look fresh for years.

Even better, customization is endless when it comes to fiber cement siding for the home. Not only does this siding display a “real wood” look, there’s also the option to customize the width of each board for an even more personalized appearance.

5 Design Ideas for Stone with Board and Batten Siding

On its own, the board and batten style is most often associated with a modern farmhouse aesthetic or traditional ranch house style, but there are many extended possibilities when you add stone to the equation!

A stone facade – whether used as column posts, foundation skirting, or as an accent wall – can add immediate character to the home. It is often used to dial up visual texture and add a natural element to the exterior. Natural stone comes in different color palettes, including beige, gray-blue, and red tones, but it can also be painted to achieve color matching or contrasting goals that complement the board and batten.

Take a look at these 5 unique design ideas that use stone with board and batten siding to achieve amazing curb appeal:

1. Coastal Charm: Gray-Blue Siding with Stone

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Gray-blue vertical panels pair beautifully with stone elements for a dreamy coastal aesthetic that feels relaxed – perfect for a beach house or small town home. This look can also be pulled off by pairing the vertical panels with beige stone and cream-colored siding. Either way, white trim pulls it all together for a delightful exterior.

2. Main Street Style: Sage Green Board and Batten Siding with Beige Stone and White Trim

Screenshot 2024 02 02 105204

Sage green board and batten siding is a great choice for homeowners who like to think outside of the box and explore unique tones for their board and batten. Beige stone is a natural choice to add easy contrast and an organic aesthetic that looks amazing on any architectural style. Whether it’s on the street or in the forest, Sage green and beige stone make an excellent pair.

3. Rustic Cabin Style: Dark Brown Board and Batten Siding with Stone

Screenshot 2024 02 02 105242

Dark brown board and batten has a lovely appearance that can be used to create a lofty lodge or cozy cabin style. Gray stone adds flattering contrast and fits well with the organic design approach that taps into natural color choices.

4. Modern Minimalism: All-White Board and Batten Siding with White Stone

Screenshot 2024 02 02 105339

Light and bright – this popular approach is often used within the modern farmhouse and minimalist design traditions. The stone features and the board and batten add beautiful texture that makes the all-white exterior anything but boring! Black window frames and outdoor lanterns add great contrasting detail and help articulate the modern aesthetic.

5. Mountain Lodge Aesthetic: Dark Grey Board and Batten Siding with Stone

Screen Shot 2024 02 02 at 11 01 46 AM

Charcoal gray is another popular color for modern board and batten exteriors that include modern elements. Exposed beams, steeply pitched roofs, and white trim help complete the look.

Create a stunning exterior – one that continues to look great year after year.

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