Board and Batten Wood Siding and a Better Alternative

With fantastic texture and an iconic appearance, board and batten wood siding can create a beautiful aesthetic. The biggest problem: it doesn’t last! By switching to an alternative material, homeowners can enjoy gorgeous board and batten siding that looks like wood, but lasts much longer.

Before you remodel your home’s exterior with traditional wooden board and batten siding, be sure you’re in the know about all the hidden headaches that come with real wood siding. Most homeowners are switching to a better alternative – one that offers better durability and gorgeous color quality.

The Origins of Board and Batten Siding

Board and batten siding was originally invented as a way to increase energy efficiency and cut down on drafts. Each vertical seam was fitted with a thin batten that would help create a tighter seal between the interior and exterior of the home. What was originally designed as a practical way to add siding to homes and barns quickly shifted into a stylistic choice.

Today, board and batten remains one of the most popular siding styles for residential homes. One of the appeals of this type of siding is its incredible texture. The vertical grooves and segmented appearance really create a unique charm that works well on all types of homes. Board and batten siding is often used to create a coastal or nautical aesthetic or barn-inspired look. It can also be used as an accent style to draw attention to dormers or other architectural features of the exterior.

Homeowners continue to express love for the original board and batten style, and with modern fabrication, it’s possible to enjoy the wood board and batten style much easier.

Why Wood Board and Batten Siding is a Thing of the Past

Wood is naturally susceptible to deterioration and damage, even with everyday exposure to the elements. Moisture, heat, and ice can all cause significant deterioration, including sagging boards, a wavy appearance, rotting, and mold growth. Consistent sun exposure often causes wood board and batten siding to crack and fade in appearance.

Other risks with board and batten wood siding include pest damage, flammability, and maintenance costs. While it is possible to maintain the original appearance of wood board and batten siding, it requires a lot of time and energy. Homeowners should prepare to treat, stain, or repaint wood board and batten siding every 2-3 years to keep up a nice appearance. Plus, holes, cracks and other signs of damage will need to be repaired immediately to avoid bigger issues.

Wood board and batten siding is considered extremely high-maintenance, which is why homeowners often opt for a better alternative that lasts longer and performs better.

Fiber Cement Siding Offers Modern Durability

Fiber cement is created using a unique blend of cellulose fibers, sand, cement, and water. This particular composition enables the final product to be significantly more durable and weather resistant. Here’s the best part: fiber cement can be molded to look just like original wood board and batten siding.

Board and Batten Wood Siding Options & Alternatives

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This means homeowners can enjoy the original allure of board and batten – even with detailed wood grain patterns and textures – without all the headaches of damage-prone wood siding. Fiber cement siding often comes with a 30-year warranty, and that’s with very little maintenance required. Most fiber cement siding products can be cleaned with a simple spray with a garden hose from time to time.

Intentionally designed to deliver better durability than wood board and batten siding, fiber cement board and batten is the easy choice for a modern, low-maintenance home.

Allura Makes Gorgeous Colors That Actually Last

A leader in fiber cement siding fabrication, Allura specializes in crafting beautiful siding products that homeowners love. Allura board and batten siding is designed to maintain its original appearance year after year – with little to no maintenance! Unlike wood board and batten siding that can chip, peel, and fade, fiber cement siding maintains its original charm and protects your home’s curb appeal.

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Plus, the color selection is absolutely stunning. Allura siding and trim is pre-finished, meaning the color is infused in the product during the fabrication process. This unique approach to color enables Allura siding to express exceptional color quality with consistency in tone.

It also delivers a more durable and longer lasting appearance. Treated with a specially formulated primer and precision applied industrial strength exterior paint, Allura board and batten siding is better equipped to stand up to the elements and resist everyday wear and tear that so often compromises the look of natural wood siding.

With 25 exciting colors, like Alabaster, Toile Red and Olive Grove, it’s easy to find the perfect shade for your home. Whether you’re creating a modern oasis, traditional chalet, or farmhouse-chic aesthetic, you can enjoy a long lasting exterior with exceptional charm using Allura board and batten.

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