Board and Batten Fiber Cement Siding

While horizontal lap siding is one of the most frequently used styles of siding on homes today, many homeowners wanting to add interest to their homes or to differentiate the architecture of some sections may turn to board and batten style siding instead. Board and batten siding helps create long lines on the building that draw the eye upward, adding a subtle, decorative touch to the home. Best of all, it’s possible to get this look and the durability and low-maintenance of fiber cement siding at the same time.

The Look of Board and Batten

Board and batten siding has a very distinctive look that differs from other siding types. Dating back to the 19th century, this siding type was originally constructed as a method of siding barns. It has a slightly rustic look that complements a number of different architectural styles and is becoming increasingly popular as a method for siding any home.

Rather than running horizontally over the building, board and batten siding runs vertically. And unlike horizontal lap siding, which has each board overlapping the next slight, board and batten consists of two sizes of board; a wide plank, with a “batten” or a smaller strip of siding overlaying the seam between the larger boards. This gives both dimension and a smooth appearance to the siding at the same time.

Why Use Fiber Cement for Your Board and Batten

Board and batten siding is traditionally made out of wood, and is most often used by homeowners wanting a more rustic look for their homes. Unfortunately, over time, wood has a tendency to warp, rot, and require a lot of maintenance to keep its appearance. Board and batten siding in particularly, because of the way that it’s formed, tends to rot more quickly as water forces its way into the seams.

Fiber cement siding doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to keep up its color and appearance. So you can get the style you want for your home without needing to worry about how it will look in a few years.

Best of all, fiber cement siding gives you a lot of options for the style of the board you want to side your home in. In addition to being able to capture a real-wood look, fiber cement panels also give you the option for how wide to make your boards. Opt for traditional 6-inch boards with a half-inch batten profile, or get a more contemporary look by going for 10-inch boards. You can also choose to use smooth panels with a contrasting filler strip, rather than matching the batten to get a unique, modern look for your home, while preserving some of the traditional style at the same time.

Fiber Cement Siding that Looks Like Board and Batten

Fiber cement siding makes it easy to get the board and batten look for your home, whether you’re opting for a traditional look, or something more transitional. Start out with 8-inch groove vertical siding panels with the look of real cedar. You can use a batten on top of the vertical grooves to get the look of traditional 6-inch board and batten siding.

You can also opt for a more custom look by using cedar, no groove vertical panels and choosing where you put your trim to get the look of board and batten with a completely different appearance. Or choose a smooth vertical panel for a slightly more contemporary appearance, but with a traditional feel.

Each option is available in many prefinished colors that are factory applied to never peel. You also have the option of choosing your own favorite paint color to complete the look any way that you want.

For the vertical battens, just choose from any of the Plycem trims in either wood grain or smooth finish. They’ll install right over the grooves or smooth panels and seams to give you the look of traditional board and batten wood siding, but without the worry or maintenance. With three different thicknesses and many colors to choose from, you’ll be able to complete the look and get the exact style of board and batten siding that your home calls for.

Each panel comes in 8’, 9’, and 10’ lengths, while the trim comes in 12’ lengths. Run them over the entire length of your home, or use another piece of trim horizontally around the house to break up the lines and hide the seam where the panels end.

With fiber cement siding, you have so many options for how you can get the look and style you want for your home, your biggest problem will be figuring out which style will work best for you.

Get and Keep the Look You Want

Board and batten siding makes a beautiful statement on any home. When done in fiber cement siding, you can customize this statement, and ensure that it lasts as long as you own your home as well. If you like the look of board and batten, consider fiber cement for your material to get and keep the look you want for your home.

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