5 Fresh Siding Colors to Use with Brick

Red brick has long been used on home exteriors, whether over the entirety of the facade or around the base, the steps, or as an accent. Brick is tough, durable, and very long-lasting so chances are that if you are ready to update your home’s siding, the brick will likely be remaining. This means that you’ll need to work with the brick, coming up with a color scheme that will complement it, and enhance your exterior.

Brick and Siding Color Combinations

The following five siding colors are fresh, on trend, and work beautifully paired with classic red brick. If you have any brick in your facade that you’re looking to complement, consider any of these five colors as a way to do the job:

1. Muted Forest Green

There is no more classic combination than a faded green with an equally faded red, and that’s what you get when you pair a muted forest green siding with red brick. This home has a classic appeal that’s kept from getting overly dark by the white trim. The red front door helps to complement the brick as well, bringing the entire design into one, cohesive style. As a bonus, the colors also work well with the mid-century accents the house features, so the entire property looks put together well, with a lot of curb appeal.

2. Deep Burgundy

Red brick isn’t just one color; it’s actually got a lot of tones and shades mixed throughout. Pulling out one of the darkest hues and making it the dominant color on the house’s exterior is one way to create a fresh look that’s also going to work well with the brick itself.

This home only has brick as a skirt, and it’s separated from the siding by a crisp white trim, but the burgundy shade of reddish siding is the perfect complement and way to bring everything together. Dark colors have been rising in popularity over the last several years. This means that choosing burgundy is one way to not only complement your brick, but to also stay on-trend into the next decade as well.

3. Fresh-Faced Green

After several years of gray as the dominating house color, a green that is just a few shades away from gray is becoming the next big thing in house siding. And it doesn’t hurt that this shade of green is ideal for pairing with red brick. Both colors have the same muted appearance, and paired with a cream-colored trim, it creates an understated and subtle facade for the home.

While red and green are technically complementary colors - colors that sit across from one another on the color wheel - and therefore are usually designed to create a more dramatic appearance, by shifting both shades over toward yellow a bit, you can get a dynamic, but still understated effect instead.

4. Dark Blue Green

If you’re looking for more contrast between your siding and any red brick accents you have, consider a deeper, blue/green siding. The siding will highlight the brick and make it stand out as a warmer hue against the cool tones above. This property helps highlight that even more by picking up the color of the brick for use as a roof above the porch and above the side door. White trim and black shutters help bring some additional interest and contrast to the home, keeping the balance between the brick and the siding even.

5. Light Neutral

If you’re not wild about the idea of a bold color complementing your brick, you still have an excellent choice with light gray. Not only is gray a cool neutral that adds some contrast to the warm brick, it can also match the mortar color, tying the two areas together. The brick becomes the boldest part of the facade, which in turn calls more attention to it - perfect for decorative brick like these pillars.

To help soften the transition from one color to the next, a crisp white trim is used throughout the facade, while the roof has a blue tone that adds balance. The blue on top with the red brick at the bottom lets the gray sit as a true neutral in the center of the design, pulling it all together.

Complement Your Red Brick

Red brick is a classic material that is present in a lot of homes and is often added as an accent. Make sure that you’re choosing siding colors that complement your brick properly as well as any other accents or colors that you include in the design. These five siding colors can help you do that with style as well, balancing, complementing, and contrasting the brick. Consider adding one of them to your exterior to create a custom look for your home.

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