What is the Best Trim Color for a Brick House?

Brick homes are among the most desirable structures because of their classic aesthetic, sturdy foundation, and low-maintenance looks, so selecting trim to complement brick is a big task. The good news is that homeowners have lots of brick house trim colors to explore, and there’s no need to take a one-size-fits-all approach.

Brick house trim colors can range from bright and light to very dark. The best trim color for a brick house is often determined by two main factors: the color of the brick and the architectural style of the exterior. Not sure what trim style will work best for your home? Take a look at these excellent ideas, many of which combine classic styles and modern materials to achieve cutting-edge trimwork.

Limestone Trimwork

Limestone is a gorgeous natural material that typically captures an off-white color tone. Depending on its mineral composition, limestone can also appear greyish-white. Since limestone is naturally durable, it has been a reliable pairing with brick for years. It is also one of the most popular brown brick house trim colors, as its dusty white color creates a natural bridge between different exterior hues, like grey roofing and brown brick.

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Natural Wood Trim

Colonial homes are well-known for having decorative trim work showcased throughout every aspect of the eye-catching exterior. Houses with bold brick colors, like tomato red or reddish-brown, are excellent candidates for trim with a natural wood color. Stick with dark brown trim around the windows, and opt for crisp white trim along the gutter fascia to create a whimsical look that showcases Old World charm without losing its link to modern tastes. Entryway spaces, like porch railings and columns, are also great opportunities for showcasing the beauty of a traditional brick house with white trim and natural wood-colored accents.

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Craftsman Brick House with Cream Trim

Craftsman-style homes often feature a brick base with modest porch columns and built-up gables. This unique architectural style is further beautified with strong color contrast. In most cases, a bold siding choice and brick base offer vivid tones that can be cooled down with cream trim. Outlining a brick house with cream trim can create visual emphasis and organization that feels compact and tidy — perfect for any architectural style that is rich in design features.

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Classic Black and White Trim

For a style that exudes urban sophistication, black and white trim is a must! Whether it’s a light brick house with dark trim or a more reddish-toned brick exterior, black and white trim is a versatile color scheme that works well with almost any style of masonry. Plus, it provides a perfect base palette for modifying over the years. Just switch up the colors of the window curtains, exterior decor, or front door to get an instant refresh on curb appeal without repainting the trim.

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Navy Blue Trim

Blue trim on a brick house? Yes! It’s possible when you pick the perfect tone that offsets light-colored brick. Take note: light brick houses with dark trim look their best when another accent color is present somewhere in the exterior. For example, a limestone entrance or cream-colored awnings give just enough lift to the visual appearance of a light brick house with dark trim to keep the exterior from looking too heavy with dark colors.

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Brown Trim for Tudor Style

Tudor-style homes feature prominent beams throughout the exterior, usually on the upper levels. These beams provide ample opportunity for color coordination with the brick exterior. Brown is a natural choice for brick house trim colors with tudor-style design, as this color calls to mind the natural wooden timbers that were fundamental to the origins of this architectural style. For easy color coordination, always select a shade of brown that is darker in tone than the main brick. Lighter colors tend to feel more modern and deviate further from the original aesthetics of tudor-style architecture.

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Durable Trim with Design Flexibility

Exploring brick house trim color schemes can churn up lots of design inspiration. It's key to remember a few priorities throughout the process. Not only is it important to consider the aesthetics and trim color choices that will look best, but it’s also a good idea to consider what trim products will provide low-maintenance dependability that will save time and money in the long run.

Brick itself has a Class A Fire Rating and is known to last a long time, but introducing weaker trim materials, like those made from wood, can take away from the exterior’s overall durability. Choosing a heavy-duty trim material, like fiber cement, is a great way to match the long-term performance of a brick exterior and reinforce the home’s defense against damage.

Allura makes an exceptional selection of fiber cement trim that pairs well with brick homes. In addition to incredible styles and color choices, Allura fiber cement trim board is intentionally designed to be low-maintenance and longer-lasting, meaning homeowners won’t need to fuss over expensive repairs or routine upkeep. Check out Allura’s fiber cement trim today to find the perfect match for your brick house.

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