13 Classic Brown House Color Combinations

When it comes to your home’s appearance, its color plays a big part in how well it looks and how well it complements the architecture and surroundings. Home siding can be found in many shades from light to dark, in both classic and contemporary shades.

For those that want a rich, classic shade for their homes, there are brown color combinations that can produce a wide set of effects. Whether you want to coordinate a brown roof with different shades of siding and trim, or you want to incorporate the look of a brown wood stain over the entirety of your home, these 13 classic brown color schemes can help you achieve your goals:

1. Brown Trim with Green Siding


If you want to add the richness of brown to your exterior, but are worried that using it over the entire facade will make it too dark, consider using brown on the trim. Brown trim on a lighter siding, like gray/green, can add depth and gravity to the design, while the lighter shade of the siding helps keep the home from getting too dark.

2. Classic Brown Siding with White Trim


If you want to use brown for the siding, consider a medium, chocolate brown shade paired with a white trim. This creates a rich, deep design that doesn’t make the facade too dark. The blue/gray roof on this home adds a little contrast to the property, and helps make the walls seem taller.

3. Two-Tone Brown Siding


This home makes great use of the tone-on-tone look that you can create with different shades of the same color. Lighter brown siding is paired with a darker brown trim, which makes the trim stand out and better highlights the windows, doors, and roofline. The dark gray roof adds some contrast in both color and tone, so the home doesn’t appear too monochromatic.

4. Brown Siding with Red Accents


While the trim on this home is white, the bold red on the shutters, doors, and railing pops against the muted, Savannah Wicker brown siding. The color of the siding is close to the color of the roof, letting the two areas blend into one another and helping the red to stand out even more.

5. Blue, Gray, and Brown


This home features a few different colors from light brown to gray with blue and white accents. The key to helping pull it all together is the fact that the brown, gray, and blue are all close in tone to one another, so they complement each other, rather than contrasting.

6. Brown Wood Stain


This home features the same wood stain for both the siding and trim. It’s the variation between the lap siding and the shingles that helps to add depth and dimension to the design. By using one color throughout, it allows the different features and textures to show up better, allowing them to take center stage in the design.

7. Light Brown Siding


There are many different shades of brown siding, and all of them can add their own characteristics to the home. This lighter brown shade works well with both the white trim and the lighter, warm gray roofing shingles. The home has richness and personality, without one color taking over or standing out.

8. Brown Shingle Accents


If you have a larger home, it’s sometimes helpful to break up the siding into sections so you can better see the different elements in the facade. This home features lap siding, half round shingles and straight edge shingles in two different colors. The shingles are a medium brown that sets them apart from the cream color of the rest of the facade.

9. Brown and Gray Siding


To create a really dramatic design, it helps to choose two colors that differ from one another in tone and shade. This warm brown and cool gray do just that, creating a dynamic design that shows off the different architectural elements of the home beautifully, while attracting and holding the eye.

10. Red-Brown Siding


If you like the idea of a dark siding, but aren’t sure that plain brown is the right choice, consider a shade closer to an autumn red. This rich, red-brown is the perfect choice for farmhouses. Paired with a crisp white trim, the contrast between light and dark lets the features of the house shine.

11. Brown Fieldstone Accents


There are numerous ways to introduce brown into the facade of a home. This property uses mostly warm gray siding, but introduces several areas of rich brown fieldstone as well. The fieldstone has some hints of gray in it, which helps tie the two materials together, creating a unified and cohesive design.

12. Gray Siding with a Brown Roof


When you’re considering the color for the exterior of a home, don’t overlook the roof. A rich brown roof can add dimension to a property, but it needs a lighter colored siding to help keep the exterior from getting too dark. This light gray siding with cream trim complements the brown roof, while keeping the space from getting too dark or heavy in its design.

13. Three-Tone Design


Perfect Your Brown Home Color Scheme

There are many ways to introduce classic brown shades into the exterior of a home. Whether you want to add just a hint of richness to the design or you want to carry the color throughout the exterior, this classic color never fails to impress. If you’ve been considering an update to your home’s color or facade, consider adding brown to your design.

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