Builder Spotlight: Baker Residential

Baker Residential has been a builder in the Raleigh community since 1966. Since then, Baker has grown its team and added a few other Baker locations in North Carolina and New Jersey.

Allura recently sat down with Daniel from Baker Residential to talk about how the building company has stayed ahead of competitors when demand is high and how fiber cement siding has been the best solution for their premium homes on the East Coast.


Staying on Top of Trends With Baker Residential

If you ask Daniel how the firm has been so successful, he says it’s “a combination of quality and cost. We’ve been doing a lot of research with competitors: our pricing versus some of the competition.”

Daniel has been with Baker since 2018, and since starting with Baker two years ago, he noticed something significant about working at a smaller, more closely-knit firm. “Some of the things we do as a builder are above and beyond,” says Daniel.


Baker Residential has stayed busy throughout the pandemic, and Daniel sees the demand for new construction being consistent in 2021 and beyond. “I think demand’s going to stay high,” says Daniel.

He attributes some of that demand to the recent trend of staying in place.

“The experience of COVID and what it’s done to business has opened people’s eyes,” says Daniel. “We’re able to work from home. A lot of people were cramming themselves into smaller homes to be near a downtown office. But now there’s a huge push to get out of the inner city and into the suburbs where there’s more square footage. We’re seeing that here in Raleigh for sure.”


The Baker neighborhoods in North Carolina and New Jersey offer homeowners unique designs and plenty of room for customization so that “each family makes their home their own personal castle.” Baker Residential specializes in environmentally-conscience building, outdoor living details, custom design options, and attractive community spaces. And business is going strong.

Fiber Cement Siding for Design Success

Fiber cement siding has helped Baker Residential create hundreds of high-performing and stylish exteriors for their homes. Daniel wasn’t familiar with Allura before starting with Baker Residential, but he’d worked with fiber cement siding before. “I came from a big production builder who was stuck on Hardy,” he explained.

But when he started with Baker in 2018, “we were already using the Allura primed product,” explains Daniel.

Baker Residential liked working with Allura’s fiber cement siding. Naturally, as they grew, they expanded their partnership with Allura by utilizing the value and benefit of prefinished siding.


Daniel enjoys working with fiber cement products from Allura: “I get zero bad feedback when I use Allura. It’s one of the ways we can give buyers confidence and comfort. Their warranty is outstanding. It’s industry-leading.”

Homeowners love the fiber cement siding because it offers an array of finishes that can help them achieve the popular exterior looks they’re after. “Farmhouse has been a trend,” explains Daniel. “It’s a big push in the market. We’re seeing less brick, more stone, and actually more siding. Not lap siding, but more horizontal and shake, hence your farmhouse theme.”


Allura fiber cement siding comes in stucco or wood grain looks and can be installed horizontally or vertically, for whatever kind of exterior style you might need.

Baker Residential continues to use Allura because it gives homeowners the kind of design they’ll love for the long-term, and because fiber cement siding offers fire and moisture protection. The weather resilience and durability of fiber cement make it an attractive exterior product, especially if you’re building in severe weather locations.

“Out of the warranty tickets that have come in, zero of them have been on our siding,” says Daniel.


Partners in Success

Baker Residential has remained a prominent builder in their markets because of their commitment to quality and service.

“Advice I would give to builders on the market: First, don’t let cost drive the decisions you make,” advises Daniel. “Try to stay away from the norm. Study and do research on the products you’re looking to put on your homes, and do the best for your customers and your company.”

Working with fiber cement siding from Allura has made it possible for Baker Residential to go above and beyond for their customers. “I know that if we ever have an issue then Allura will be on it,” says Daniel. “In today’s construction world, that is not always the case.”

If you want to partner with a siding company that has your back and stands by its products, you want to work with Allura. Contact us for more information on what our products and solutions have to offer your building company.

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