Builder Spotlight: Capitol City Homes

We know our customers want to build homes that their buyers will dream of living in. That means choosing the best materials — inside and out.

And when it comes to siding materials, fiber cement siding offers a wide range of advantages. Through advanced manufacturing methods, fiber cement offers beauty, durability and sustainability. With fiber cement, there’s no need for homebuyers to compromise when it comes to choosing their new home.

And for building materials dealers and home builders, fiber cement makes sense, too. Allura’s fiber cement siding products are competitively priced, backed by warranty and — contrary to some myths — fiber cement siding installation is intuitive for most professionals.

Capitol City Homes

Take it from one of our home builder partners, Capitol City Homes (CCH). Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, Capitol City Homes was founded by three Triangle-area construction professionals with more than 50 years of home-building experience. Since their founding in 2009, CCH has built many award-winning and high-performance homes.

Capitol City Homes builds single-family and townhouse homes in Raleigh and the surrounding regions. Trey MacDonald, Owner and Managing Partner at CCH, told us that when the company was considering working with Allura, he had lunch with a fellow builder, who recommended Allura based on our great service and wide-ranging selection.

We’re happy to report that MacDonald hasn’t been disappointed in choosing our range of products or in the customer service that we pride ourselves on delivering.

Working with fiber cement siding dealers in the Raleigh market, Capitol City Homes chose to install turnkey siding from Allura in their projects. CCH knows that homebuyers want to fall in love with their new home, and for the space to be unique, easy-to-live in and energy-efficient.

That’s why CCH is a fiber cement siding builder: The product offers versatility in design choices, low-maintenance and long-lasting durability, and is made from sustainable materials.

The Fiber Cement Difference

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Fiber cement siding offers outstanding curb appeal, allowing home builders to stand out even in the most competitive markets. While products such as vinyl may be used to mimic desirable materials, such as wood siding, they lack the high-end finish and longevity that homebuyers are increasingly looking for. Where vinyl can quickly be identified as imitation, even from a distance, fiber cement offers the elegant appeal of wood — while avoiding all of wood’s potential drawbacks.

Choosing fiber cement in your home building projects means choosing a building material that homeowners will love. Unlike wood and other siding materials, fiber cement is resistant to warp and rotting and is extremely resistant to all types of weather damage. Homeowners won’t be forced to spend their precious free time tending to their siding, as fiber cement is one of the lowest maintenance materials available.

And where safety is concerned, fiber cement outperforms its rivals. Fiber cement is fire-resistant and more capable of withstanding hurricanes and tornadoes than materials like vinyl or aluminum siding. Not only does its strength and durability mean your customers will enjoy peace of mind, but it also limits the chance that your valuable time will be eaten up performing repairs and damage control.

Materials You Can Rely On

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Another important reason that MacDonald and Capitol City Homes relies on Allura’s fiber cement siding is the 50-year warranty that we offer on our products. MacDonald knows that their buyers value peace of mind. Allura’s long-standing warranty lets home buyers know that they’re protected for a lifetime in their new home. Installers, builders and Allura all stand behind the longevity of our product.

Perhaps the greatest endorsement of Allura’s product is this… MacDonald likes them so much, he used Allura when he built his own home!

As Capitol City Homes continues to meet the needs of the growing Raleigh market, they know they can depend on the reliability and versatility of Allura products for years to come.

Add Value to Your Next Project With Fiber Cement Siding

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