Revitalizing Your Bungalow: Modern Siding Ideas for a Stylish Exterior Remodel

The best modern bungalow exteriors are able to convey the authenticity and character of the bungalow style while still capturing a fresh aesthetic that projects a contemporary feel. When you choose the right siding, modern bungalow exterior remodels can serve double-duty: enhancing the allure of the home and providing the material strength and durability expected in this day and age.

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Looking for ideas on how to remodel exterior siding for a modern bungalow style? Familiarize yourself with the unique characteristics of bungalows and enjoy these trending siding styles that can add fresh energy to your home.

Breaking Down the Bungalow Aesthetic

Designed as modest structures with charming features, bungalows tend to be smaller in size, not exceeding more than 2,000 square feet of interior living space. The layout of most bungalows is fairly simple – these homes are usually one level only, or they have a pitched roof with a small second level or half-level loft area.

Many bungalows popped up in the fifties and sixties as a post-war development boom designed to provide affordable housing for families. With a smaller footprint, bungalow-style structures make the perfect starter home, bachelor pad, student accommodation, vacation home, or retirement home for folks looking to downsize.

Remodeling original bungalow exteriors to have a more modern feel is easy. Plus, almost any small structure – including ranch homes, mobile homes, and cottages – can adopt the modern bungalow aesthetic with the right exterior touches.

What they lack in size, these small homes make up for in charm. Modern bungalows are built to complement the surrounding landscape, fitting seamlessly with their natural surroundings and often incorporating sloped hills, gardens, and outdoor lounge areas to create a cozy vibe that’s rich in character. Texture, material and color all play a role in modern bungalow exteriors, so it’s important to keep these things in mind when completing a siding remodel project.

Take a look at a few ideas on how to craft a modern bungalow exterior by simply remodeling the siding style.

Black and White Bungalows and Other Modern Color Palettes

Black and white exteriors offer crisp color contrast with a modern feel. This combo can be achieved by adding black window trim, shutters, and gutters as well as fresh white siding. Other decorative elements, like black patio furniture and landscaping features, add consistency for the exterior.

Black and white isn’t the only color combo to consider for a modern bungalow exterior. Neutral tones – like cream, beige, and camel – can be a great choice for bungalows, too. Dark red and sage green also have a particularly modern feel when paired with white or black trim, which makes them refreshing choices for a modern bungalow exterior siding palette.

Lean Into Siding Textures

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Texture is another element that offers lots of potential when remodeling a bungalow exterior. Because of the smaller size of bungalow homes, choosing textured siding can be an awesome way to add charm and make the impression of the home feel larger.

Texture tends to add energy and can dial up the curb appeal of a modern bungalow – even when used in a small space. For example, shake siding is a natural choice for modern bungalows, because it takes inspiration from the original design aesthetic by adding high definition and texture with a modern touch.

Bungalow Accent Walls for the Exterior

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Another approach to modern bungalow exterior remodel siding projects is to consider how different elements can be combined in fresh ways. For example, the concept of an accent wall can be applied to the exterior in order to achieve a new look. Exterior accent walls can be created using color or texture, and they’re often used as a way to emphasize a certain area of the architecture, such as a bungalow dormer or bump-out.

Consider how you might be able to mix and match different siding styles or colors in a way that makes the exterior feel fresh and modern.

Low-Maintenance Beauty: Allura Fiber Cement

One of the biggest advantages to using fiber cement is that it allows you to create different styles and colors that are perfect for modern bungalow designs – while also getting the added benefit of a durable, long-lasting material that’s incredibly easy to maintain. Lap, shake, smooth panels, wood-style grain patterns – whatever exterior siding style you’re looking for to craft your modern bungalow, Allura has it in an array of authentic colors that maintain their original beauty with little effort.

Allura’s exterior siding products are crafted from heavy-duty fiber cement, so they have the durability needed to maintain their appearance year after year. Designed to be super low-maintenance, Allura fiber cement siding doesn’t require the intense repair and upkeep of other siding options, like cracked vinyl or peeling wood.

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